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Services @ TNZ Group

Make and receive phone calls over the Internet using our VoIP network - TNZ Group provides a complete range of outsourced Virtual PBX Systems based on Internet telephony, giving you the freedom to decide...more
TNZ Group provides a complete range of outsourced internet fax services. You can send faxes directly from your computer by using Fax Sending Services (Email to Fax / Web to Fax), or receive faxes to your computer using Fax Receiving Services (Fax to Email / Fax to Web)...more
Send and Receive SMS messages over the Internet. TNZ Group provides a complete range of outsourced internet SMS services - SMS Sending Service / SMS Receiving Service ...more
A cost effective, off-site monitoring system that monitors your servers/services constantly, sending you warnings and alerts by E-mail or SMS/TXT in the event of an outage...more
The TNZ Click2Call Service is an ideal solution for website visitors to contact you directly from your website! Visitors only have to click on the 'Click2Call' icon/button and enter their phone number for a phone call to one of your staff!...more
The WebChat Service is a simple add-on to your website that adds huge value. Designed with today's shy customer in mind, the less obtrusive, text-based communication method proves to increase sales and accelerate customer support - without installing any software!...more
You can now use all the special features of Link.A.Number without touching your fax / phone line! You can even throw away your fax line rental costs whilst retaining your existing fax number...more
TNZ Group's high quality international calling card uses the normal telephone network (PSTN network) to make all of its outgoing calls.
Purchasing is easy! You can purchase calling card minutes anytime, anywhere - from Call4U's website ( with our fully automated Online Credit Card Payment System...more
TNZ Group provides you the facilities to send email and SMS messages, however you need to comply with the various worldwide spam acts. In NZ we have the "The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007" which we can maintain for you....more