TNZ Group: Message Delivery Technology

TNZ: New Zealand-born technology streamlining the world's business communications.

Building and delivering effective Email, SMS, Voice and Fax messages - that's what we do in a nutshell.

Whether it's SMS appointment reminders, reliable business email notifications, an internet telephone number, an emergency alerting platform, or complex IPaaS data interchange and manipulation, we can make it happen.

Why? Because using technology should be easy. You shouldn't need to build the system from scratch and it shouldn't cost the Earth.

Unmatched customer service
We don't just create new products, we also work hard to deliver flawless customer service with local, hands-on support in Australia and New Zealand.

Constant innovation
We're always looking for better ways of doing things, smarter technologies and more creative solutions to problems.

Robust security
You trust us with your data and we take that seriously. Utilizing our 30 years of industry knowledge and a proven track record, we provide a service with hardened security, compliance with industry standards, and NZ and AU data sovereignty.

Making complex technology simple
While the technology may be complex, we make sure it doesn't feel that way - so you can understand and navigate the solution seamlessly.

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TNZ Group
Better connection since 2001.
Founded in 2001, TNZ Group brought in decades of experience when it merged with Faxware International. This made us New Zealand's largest hosted Fax and SMS platform and put us in the top tier of CPaaS and IPaaS providers worldwide - we're behind over 120m emails, 20m SMS and 15m faxes every year.

With clients ranging from small businesses though to NZX50 corporations, government, ISPs and SaaS platforms, we provide a reliable platform for business-critical applications.
TNZ New Zealand
TNZ’s New Zealand team is dedicated to innovative product development, flawless service, and unmatched customer care. Providing Email, SMS, Fax, Voice, and Internet technologies.
TNZ Australia
TNZ Group Australia provides localised support and solutions to Australian businesses.
TNZ Wholesale
TNZ Wholesale supplies a fully featured CPaaS messaging platform for resale, including whitelabelling, re-billing tools, a branded dashboard, dedicated support and customization. With TNZ Group's proven track record and breadth of industry compliance and integrations, partners can seamlessly add robust messaging functionality to their offering.
TNZ Group distributes the MDaemon email software suite, a self-hosted on-premise email server and email security package.

MDaemon Email is one of the most widely used mail servers in the world; trusted by customers in over 90 countries to provide a robust, secure, enterprise-class email platform that is simple to operate and requires minimal maintenance and user-support.
Founded in 1991, Faxware International quickly became one of the world's leading developers of advanced fax server solutions. Widely used as the basis for many messaging bureaus and platforms under various names, Faxware provides software development in e-mail delivery, fax messaging, SMS applications and unified office solutions.