Web-to-SMS Dashboard

Alert, Remind & Promote with SMS using the Online Dashboard


Simplifying SMS

Make it simple to send and receive business text messages with TNZ's Web SMS service. Our flexible portal lets you send mass promotional texts, notifications to large groups of mobiles, and individual appointment reminders.

With built-in tracking, reporting, opt-outs and mobile response tracking, it makes managing business texts straightforward and effective.


Connect with a click

  • Manage your business SMS in one place
  • Load SMS campaigns, track replies, view reports and manage contacts and out-outs through TNZ's comprehensive web-to-text dashboard.

    From your desktop of mobile, you can send single messages, create broadcast campaigns and set recurring messages with ease.

  • Dashboard User Guide 🚀

  • Reach people where they are at their convenience
  • People rarely miss a text (unlike email!)

    Mobile users typically read messages immediately and respond on-the-go without the frustration of missed calls and voicemail messages.

  • Quick messages, quick replies
  • Two-way text communication means that your customers can reply to your messages with questions and confirmation. Send thousands of texts in seconds and see replies in your dashboard instantly so you can act on them immediately.

    Mobiles can reply for free when using our Reply Link function, or when using a Free-to-Text Dedicated Short Code Number.

Making your texts human

  • Personalised mass messaging made easy
  • Our Substitution tool makes it simple to personalise messages.

    Import your contact list, then personalise in a few clicks - add names, account numbers, appointment times for a fully-featured SMS merge.

  • Personalised SMS Guide
Laptop using the TNZ Dashboard to send a personalised SMS message
  • Add warmth and personality with emojis
  • Our SMS tools let you add emojis to your messages for a friendly touch. Simply select the emoji you need from the drop-down menu! 😊 😉 😁 🤩

  • Deliver more detail with links and files
  • Want to pack more information into your text message?

  • Automatically shorten long links into short URLs using the built-in URL Shortener, and include files (PDFs, documents, images and videos) in your text messages using File Link.

  • URL Shortener
  • File Link

Dashboard Tools

  • Import & manage your contact list
  • Import contact lists from a spreadsheet (Excel XLS/XLSX and CSV).

    Manage your contacts in a CRM and import a new list for each broadcast, or save contacts to the dashboard's built-in Address Book for easy sending on-the-go.

    Upload, update or delete contacts with a few clicks, all in one place from any device.

  • Send SMS From A Spreadsheet
  • Adding Address Book Contacts
  • Calendar Reminders
  • The TNZ Calendar can automatically sync with your Google or Microsoft calendar. Automatically send appointment reminder SMS, Email and Voice messages, with visibility on responses and confirmation.

  • Calendar Reminders

  • Saved SMS Templates & Recurring Texts
  • Create SMS Templates to easily send messages on-the-go. Open the dashboard, select your pre-saved template and contacts, and send!

    The dashboard also supports loading messages for a future sending date, and sending repeated messages daily, weekly and monthly to groups of contacts.

  • Recurring Reminders

  • Web-Based Text Replies
  • Use Reply Link to capture replies using the web. Free for mobiles to use, with Quick Reply buttons, forms and survey options, and more!

  • SMS Reply Link

  • Built-In URL Shortener
  • Use the dashboard's URL Shortener to streamline your message sending. Each link is shortened and clicks are tracked (including the contact's name and mobile number).

  • URL Shortener

Personalised text message displaying on an iPhone


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