Streamline your processes with EDI

Integrate with suppliers and customers for quick, simple data sharing.


Cut out steps in your ordering and invoicing processes, save time and make things easier for everyone with our cost-effective, cloud-hosted electronic data interchange (EDI) services.

Built-in data sharing

TNZ's EDI services can be built to integrate with your or a supplier's system. We take care of the conversion and integration, accepting data feeds via email, FTP and API.

Taking care of the minor details

Share data and documents between disparate systems without losing details or formatting. Our system can add your business branding, send confirmations, track status updates, and more!

Securing your supply chain

Keep your suppliers and customers in check with reporting on data feeds. With SMS And Email alerts on delayed or missing data.


Avoid data entry errors with automated data parsing and fact-checking. Point your team to productive work, removing manual data entry and checking.

No hardware, no headaches

A fully cloud-hosted and managed platform means no software to manage or hardware to replace. TNZ's experts handle the set-up, integration and on-going software maintenance.

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