Communication Solutions for health organisations


TNZ Group supplies messaging solutions to many of the largest healthcare organisations in New Zealand, including district healthboards and government, pharmaceutical care, eldercare, private healthcare and individual practices.

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TNZ Group is New Zealand domiciled with New Zealand support agents.

Healthcare Service Options:

Move your business to a cloud-based digital fax solution with Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax functionality.
Remove your reliance on physical fax machines and copper lines - all faxing is handled via the internet.

The digital fax technology is compatible with a ride range of fax devices and protocols, including analogue fax equipment.
Digital Fax falls under your organisation's email policies, giving you control around archiving and storage.

Faxes can be sent in a range of formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML, JPG, etc), from any email client. Alternative options include a dashboard login (for viewing, sending and managing faxes), a PWA (Progressive Web App for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android), and integration with multi-function printers.

TNZ's SecureFax options are available for the ultimate in fax security.

Using programmable interfaces, developers can send and receive faxes while meeting New Zealand health regulations and security requirements.

Send faxes using a range of methods, including APIs (REST, SOAP, HTTP, .NET, SMTP), on-premise Windows Server software or FTP/S.

SMS and Voice technologies are useful for appointment reminders, emergency alerts and recalls.
SMS provides a gentle mobile alert, while Voice is useful for an intrusive, urgent automated phone call.

Benefits include message personalisation (include a patient's first and last name), speed of delivery to the mobile, SMS reply support (patients can reply to confirm appointments), message delivery tracking, plus many integration options.

TNZ Group has been providing solutions to healthcare organisations for 18 years. We are a New Zealand company with New Zealand domiciled data centres and data storage.

In keeping with industry standards such as encryption in transit and at rest, data access controls, closed networks, DMZs and VPNs, we work to maintain a high standard and level of security.

TNZ's solutions meet HISF (Health Information Security Framework) guidelines and Ministry of Health requirements. Additionally, our cloud infrastructure meets industry recommended security standards, including TLS 1.2 support, HTTPS by default, secure data housing and destruction processes, closed group networks and access policies and robust business planning such as Business Continuity, Incident Management and Service Level Agreements.

We work with secure communication protocols such as HL7, FHIR and HIPPA and will include support for these as they come online in New Zealand.

Contact a Sales Representative for the latest Security Features and Security Policies documents.