Instant Messaging (IM)

Send and receive A2P messages with social media users via your application!


AI/NLP Integation
SMS Fallback

Build out your application or software's skillset with instant messaging integration. Send and receive messages with social media users via your application!

Features and Tools:

  • Multiple workflow options: smart integrations such as IM Messaging via Email, web, or API allow your team to use these technologies with ease. We translate Facebook and Skype messages to your chosen platform.
  • AI/NLP: building towards an AI future, TNZ's instant messaging captures the data necessary to build smart chatbots. With WIT.AI integration today, your application can send instant responses to queries with the flexibility to move to powerful AI tools as they become available.
  • SMS Fallback: if the IM user is unavailable (hasn't responded to a message, phone is off, account blocked, etc) the TNZ system can automatically fall back and deliver your message as SMS, ensuring all users get your message.
  • Mobile App Integration: as your business grows, utilize our mobile application tools to bring your business or application one step closer to the end-user.

Instant Messaging applications offer a range of benefits over SMS - lower transaction costs, better branding, end-user convenience, rich attachments (pictures, audio, video), a liberating omnichannel experience for end users, and support for AI/NLP technologies with pre-formatted replies and analytics, all resulting in higher engagement.

Your users can add your business's chat handle (eg @businessname). For Facebook users, you can also supply a quick-chat link. Users will click the GET STARTED link to begin the conversation.
We have a demo Facebook application you can try:

When a user begins a chat, they are allocated a unique ID which you use to send messages to the specific user. If the user also registers their mobile number, SMS messages you send will also be delivered via Instant Messenger (this is configurable).
If the user sends you a message, this will be emailed/webhooked to you. You can then reply to this message using the link inside the email, or by sending an API call to the specific ID or mobile number.

Yes, we encourage you to utilize as many IM platforms (Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc) as possible.

Yes, one of the primary advantages of these platforms is their ability to handle rich text. The simplest method is to send a link to an attachment to ensure cross-compatibilty with SMS, but sending an attachment inside the IM is also accepted.

Yes, we track the message being opened and can report on this for you.

A list of users is logged in your dashboard address book under a new group named "IM Generated Contacts". This contains the user's unique TNZ ID, their name, and their email address or mobile number if they have provided it.

Personalised Service

We are hands on with set up and maintaining your IM solution, helping you every step of the way

SMS Fallback

Users register their mobile number when chatting with you via IM. If the chat fails, we deliver messages via SMS

AI/NLP Integration

With full support for NLP technology, you can automate chatbot-style responses using our simple dashboard tools

Business Branding

IM chats use your business name and branding for a better customer experience


Email-to-IM integration for helpdesk teams, plus developer integration using the REST API