IM that works with your API

Instant Messaging (IM)


Connect with customers on social media with built-in A2P messaging

People are spending more and more time on social media - so why not reach out to them there? By integrating instant messaging (IM) with your business management software or app, you can send and receive messages without switching to a different system.

Simple tools, big benefits

Multiple workflow options for your team

Integrate IM with email, your web portal or your API. Your team can send and receive messages through your chosen platform, making it simple to manage.

Smart, automated chat with AI

Our IM tools can already send auto-responses to some customer queries. As we move toward an AI-centric future, we'll be adding more powerful features to help automate your customer communication - and our IM tool is already collecting the data to get started.

Lower costs, richer messaging

IM offers a range of benefits compared with SMS. You can use your branding in all your messaging, add attachments, images, audio and video, and reach customers on multiple channels - all at a lower cost.

Tracking your connections

TNZ's IM system can track and report on whether your IMs are opened and keeps a record of your social media connections for future marketing.

Giving users more options

Reach out and respond

Social media users can reach your business by adding your chat handle, or by clicking on a link - depending on the platform. Once they have clicked or added, you'll be able to respond to messages through your API.

SMS communication fall-back

If a user can't receive your IM messages for any reason, the TNZ system can resend through SMS, ensuring no messages go missing.

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