Connecting the Internet of Things

A deeper understanding with smart device tracking.


Cloud-based tracking and reporting for your IoT devices

GPS, sensors and other connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices can pose tracking and data analysis challenges for business owners. With our cloud-based tracking platform, you can log, track and report on data from any smart device without any server hardware or infrastructure.

With useful, up-to-date info, you can set rules and actions to occur - from automated emails to event-driven SMS messages and voice call alerts.

Get more from your IoT devices

Data from any source, in any format

Because IoT devices measure activity in different ways, our tracking tools are set up to record and analyse almost any type of dataset. This includes plain text and rich data, API webhooks and SMS communication.

Digging into your datasets

With tailored rules and insights, you see relevant information, not just numbers. One example: our GPS tracking can trace routes and pinpoint locations - essential for a delivery business.

Tech to fit your business

Designed for businesses of all sizes, our tracking tools can cope with multiple devices, datasets and huge amounts of I/O. As your business grows, your device tracking can keep up.

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