Last updated: Apr 28th, 2021


In addition to our suite of APIs, we offer tools for a range of supplementary services.


Our SMPP API supports:

  • Sending SMS (MT/submit)
  • Receiving SMS (MO/receive)
  • Delivery receipts (acks)
  • TX, RX, and TRX binds
  • Multiple binds per account/login
  • GSM or Latin-1 encoding including emoji support

For SMPP pricing and access credentials, contact the team.


Our FTP API supports:

  • Connection via FTP (no encryption), FTPS (SSL/TLS encryption) and SFTP (SSH encryption)
  • Password and IP Restricted access, including pre-shared key, and public/private key support
  • Options for submitting multiple message types (SMS, Fax, Voice and Email)
  • Options for submitting multiple data files (CSV, TXT, HTML, and more)
  • Options for push or pull CDR data for reporting/billing

Contact the team to discuss your requirements and input file formatting.

CDR API - Call Detail Records

Wholesale and high-volume clients may require daily or monthly CDR reports for detailed usage tracking.

These are activated by our team and can be supplied as a CSV file in an email or deposited on an FTP site.

See our CDR Specifications if this interests you.

Partner API

The Partner API is designed for wholesale customers with their own portal or dashboard and wish to programmatically sync new users, logins, numbers or ports with our system.

Contact the team for access to the Partner API.