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Online SMS Gateway

Using TNZ's SMS services you can contact your team and customers on their mobile phone, wherever they are.

Intiate two way SMS converations simply using your email client, our online dashboard or integrated into software using our APIs, with the mobile phone able to reply back.

Our SMS coverage is not just limited to New Zealand and Australia but also reaches over 75% of the world. We cover 99.7% of Europe, along with 340 networks in 140 countries.

Our clients range from SMB to Enterprise companies. We commit ourselves to meet our customer requirements. Should you have any specific requirements contact us.

SMS Sending

Send large Bulk SMS messages to mobile phones with ease. Using our online dashboard, you can load a list of mobile numbers and send a message with ease.

Personalisation options are available, just like a mail merge.

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The simplest and most popular way to send text messages to your clients - you send an email, we send a text message.

Any replies back will automatically forwarded to your email inbox!

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The best way to send broadcast messages to mobile phones is using our online dashboard.

Log into the dashboard, upload or select a group of mobile numbers, type out the message to send, set the sending date/time, and click Submit! It's that easy.

SMS messages will reach the mobile phones in seconds. Delivery status and any replies received are logged in the dashboard for tracking in real time.

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Send files (PDFs, pictures, videos, links, surveys and more) using SMS with the [[Files]] tag. Positive confirmation supported with tracking opens, expiring links, password protection and encryption options.

MessageLink also functions as a fully featured URL shortening service, inserting short, unique, trackable links into your SMS messages using the [[Link:URL]] tag.

Finally, using the [[Reply]] or [[OptOut]] tag, direct your users to respond to your messages via a dedicated web page; zero cost replies!

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Calling all developers - integrate SMS into your software and systems.

We offer a range of APIs including a fully featured REST API, simple HTTP/S Post or SOAP integration, and a fully featured .NET Library.

Once the message is sent, you can track results and replies using our webhooks or polling our servers.

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We offer a fully featured bulk SMS gateway, directly connected to New Zealand carriers.
Submit messages via SMPP or HTTP with full MT and MO support.

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SMS Receiving

Short Codes are short (3 or 4) digit numbers for communicating with mobile phones. All computer-to-mobile text communication within New Zealand must use short codes.

A Shared Short Code is useful for SMS marketing and text-to-win style competitions. Mobiles text to the short code number to register, eg "Text WIN to 875". Shared Short Codes are shared among our customers to keep prices low.

Short Codes are short (3 or 4) digit numbers for communicating with mobile phones. All computer-to-mobile text communication within New Zealand must use short codes.

A Dedicated Short Code is unique to your business, hence prices are higher. It has a wider range of uses, including free-to-text options, and is solely dedicated to your business.

Virtual mobile numbers are hosted Australian mobile numbers. No physical device or SIM required - messages are handled by our cloud platform.

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SMS Use Cases

Automate and simplify your rosters using SMS. Your staff receive a text on their mobile containing the roster. Staff can optionally text back a reply confirmation.

Integrate rostering using Email, Web or an API.

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Increase security on your login system using MFA by sending a one time token to your users via SMS.

We pride ourselves on our secure and blisteringly fast SMS delivery.

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Using our web dashboard, schedule text reminders to individuals or groups of mobile phones.

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In critical times, your concentration should be on the people affected. Too often, effort is wasted on a technical solution that is too complex, doesn't work or is too slow.

Using TNZ's Emergency Management solutions, you can quickly and efficiently alert mobile users to emergencies, using TNZ's totally cloud-hosted infrastructure.

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