Smart SMS Solutions

Use text messaging to capture attention, wherever your users are...


Contact Your Team and Customers Anywhere With SMS

90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

TNZ makes SMS simple - send updates, receive replies and handle two-way conversations from your email, the TNZ Dashboard or integrated within your existing systems.

It's fast, simple and effective.

The most flexible online SMS Gateway available in New Zealand.

Sending SMS

Send SMS from desktop and mobile

With a feature-packed web dashboard, including contact management, SMS templates, personalisation, tracking delivery and received messages and more!

Also send using Email-to-SMS for a familiar experience.

Web Dashboard
Email to SMS

With API integration for sending messages and capturing replies, plus other tools including our SMS URL Shortener, SMS Landing Pages, SMS Unsubscribe Automation, Calendar Reminder Automation and Recurring Alarms.

SMS APIs for Developers
SMS URL Shortener
SMS Landing Pages
SMS Unsubscribe Automation
Calendar Reminder Automation and Recurring Alarms

With direct connections in New Zealand and Australia for the best possible speed and reliability, plus we connect internationally with 340 networks in 140 countries.

Using our SMS FileLink service - all you need is the mobile number, no app required!

SMS FileLink

For customers requiring complete brand equity and control of their own dedicated short code (for New Zealand users) or Virtual Mobile Number (for Australian users).

SMS Keywords for Lead-Generation ("Text WIN to 5555")
Dedicated Short Codes (Own your short number)
Virtual Mobile Numbers (Your own Australian number for conversations and 2FA)

Unlimited users for one monthly fee plus per-text costs.


Capture SMS Responses

Send personalised SMS broadcasts with unsubscribe automation, link open tracking, reply tracking.

Plus use short code numbers for lead generation using SMS Keywords ('text DEMO to 875').

SMS Broadcasting using the TNZ Dashboard
SMS Keywords for Lead-Generation ("Text WIN to 5555")
Dedicated Short Codes

With a completely two-way SMS messaging solution - essential for customer-service businesses and service-desks.

Dedicated Short Codes

SMS Tools & Products

SMS APIs for Developers

Send application-to-person (A2P) messaging by integrating SMS into your software.

Our range of APIs include: REST API, .NET Library, Python API, VBA DLL, HTTPS, SOAP, SMPP, SMTP and FTP.

Once the message is sent, you can track results and replies using our webhooks or polling our servers.


Send personalised, bulk SMS (text) messages to large groups from our online dashboard. Simply log-in, upload the mobile numbers, craft a message and add personalisation. Then wait for the replies in your real-time dashboard.

Portal features include immediate or scheduled sending of texts, password protection and encryption, delivery confirmation and open tracking.

With build-in tools for templates, contact list management and reporting.

TNZ Dashboard

Send SMS from your email - we support Webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and more. Any SMS replies will be automatically forwarded to your email inbox.

Email to SMS

Make it easy for your audience to get in touch with you with a New Zealand Short Code Number.

All computer-to-mobile text communication in New Zealand must use short codes - and you can claim yours.

Use Short Codes for general two-way SMS conversations, sending promotional text messages, lead-generation with keywords ('Text DEMO to 875' for a live demo), and free-to-text options.

SMS Broadcasting & Marketing
SMS Keywords for Lead-Generation

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Connect with Australian customers from the cloud with a dedicated Australian mobile number - no need for a physical device or SIM.
SMS is received and a notification is sent to you by Email, API, or viewed in the TNZ Dashboard.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Bulk SMS Gateway

A fully featured online SMS gateway directly connected to New Zealand and Australian carriers.
Submit messages via SMPP or HTTP with full MT and MO support.

SMPP Gateway
REST API Gateway
HTTP API Gateway

SMS URL Shortener

Trim long links and track clicks using the URL Shortener tool.

SMS URL Shortener

Unsubscribe Automation

Automatic detection for STOP and OptOut in SMS messages for automated opt-out list.

SMS Unsubscribe Automation

File Link

Send files (images, videos, documents and more) in SMS messages using the File Link tool.

SMS File Link

Reply Link

Mobiles can reply for free using a short link inside SMS messages. Links can be branded with Quick Replies.

SMS Reply Link

SMS Landing Pages

Create feature-filled mobile landing pages with SMS Apps (including forms and surveys and free SMS replies).

SMS Landing Pages

Calendar Syncing

Sending automated SMS, Email and Voice reminders using your Microsoft, Google or TNZ Calendar.
Syncing with your existing calendar and generating reminders from events means you can reduce no-shows, late arrivals and rebooking with little change to your day.

Calendar Reminder Automation
Google Calendar Integration

SMS Use Cases

Appointment Reminders and Rostering

Make it simple to send rosters to staff and appointment reminders to customers, with support for text replies to acknowledge appointments and reduce no-shows.

Includes Calendar reminder automation and easy Integrations with popular appointment setting software. Alternatively use Address Book groups for a more hands-on solution.

Appointment Reminders
Google Calendar Integration

Issue emergency alerts in seconds using SMS using our online Dashboard, including built-in contact management and mobile-friendly access so you can send emergency alerts from anywhere, at any time.

Emergency Management

Secure your online systems with one-time passwords sent via SMS, blisteringly fast.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Need to send the same message regularly? Set it up once and then forget it.

Scheduled (Recurring) Alarm

For urgent notifications from application-to-mobile (A2P)

Send internal staff memos using SMS, including group messaging

Capture text entries (text DEMO to 875), build your customer list and send coupons and trackable web links.

SMS Keywords

Use a Virtual Mobile Number to receive text messages and deliver these to a team email inbox.

Australian Virtural Mobile Number

Add SMS to your product portfolio with wholesale options, including Partner Portal access, user management and rebillable CDRs.