Make it easy for customers to connect with your business

Use short codes to simplify your marketing - Text 875!


Turbocharge Your Marketing

Imagine a customer struggling to remember your advert's telephone number amongst other hustle and bustle.

Short codes are 3 or 4 digit mobile numbers, making it far easier - and more likely - for your customers to get in touch.

They’re a great way to manage inbound messages for competitions, queries, or feedback - and they don't have to be expensive.


A cost-effective way to make contact

  • Simplify inbound messaging for marketing campaigns
  • Competitions, customer feedback – if you're asking customers to get in touch, an SMS Keyword makes it simple. Customers text your keyword to 875 and you'll receive a notification. Easy!

    Ways to receive messages:

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    Email Notifications

    Receive a notification via email (including the sender's mobile and message).

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    Dashboard Export

    View and export received messages in real-time using our online portal.

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    API to CRM

    An API Webhook pings your CRM/CMS software whenever a text is received.

  • Cost-effective customer contact
  • Using the standard service, mobiles are charged 20c per message to send to a short code - there's no per-text cost for your business to receive these texts. This makes an SMS Keyword a cost-effective way to manage your messaging and capture interest.

    The service is compatible with all major mobile providers in New Zealand.

  • Simple instructions for promotional materials
  • An SMS Keyword makes it simple for customers to get in touch - it's memorable and convenient to use -

    "Text KEYWORD to 875"

  • Getting started
  • Upon registering, you will select your chosen 'Keyword' on a short code. All messages received by the Short Code must begin with your Keyword.

    You can optionally configure an automatic reply, so customers know their message has reached you. Eg "Thank you for entering! Prizes will be drawn next week."

Send a demo

See our SMS Keyword in action!

  Send "Demo" to 875

Phone sending a text to 875