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Email is a major mode of communication for most businesses. TNZ's email services give you control, making it easy to send well-designed, secure B2B emails. You can integrate with your API or use your own secure server to manage your email - all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Email designed for your business

  • Manage your email in-house with MDaemon

  • Secure, on-premises and packed with features, MDaemon gives you full control of your business email. Designed for self-hosted Windows servers, it lets you do email your way.
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  • Email from your software via API

  • Send HTML emails with attachments, track links and more with our API.
  • Designed for transactional emails such as invoicing, alerts and reminders, code using REST, FTP, .NET, Python, VBA and a range of other languages, including support for email security, HTML templating and anti-spam compliance.
  • {
        "Sender": "application@domain.com",
        "APIKey": "ta8wr7ymd",
        "MessageType": "Email",
        "APIVersion": "1.05",
        "MessageData" :
            "EmailSubject": "Test Email Subject",
            "MessagePlain": "Hello, This is a test message. Thank you.",
            "Destinations" : 

  • Integrate with older applications

  • Applications using legacy software can make email difficult - but we can help. No matter what software you're using, we can create spam-proof, well-designed email templates with link tracking, attachments, security enhancements and more.
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Stand out with smart templates

Turn boring, basic emails into vibrant HTML with our smart, user-friendly template options

Built-in security features

Reliable delivery while keeping data safe with TLS encryption with SPF, PTR, DKIM and DMARC security

Email insights

Track who receives your emails, helping you understand what's working and which emails are bouncing

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