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TNZ Email enhances the traditional email experience by empowering business to send clean, well designed, B2B email.

Email Service Options:

MDaemon is a fully featured, security conscious email server.

Built for self-hosted Windows servers, MDaemon puts control back into the hands of IT Administrators.

See for details.

Need to send emails from your application? Our REST API includes a fully featured SMTP API, including the ability to send HTML, attachments, track links and more.

See REST API for details.

Legacy applications often require bespoke software to send rich email. We accept inputs such as SMTP, FTP, Print-Queue Management, AS400, etc, as well as input files such as postscript files, XML, PDF and TXT. From these simple files, we can create beatiful HTML templates with attachments, tracking links and clicks, delivery reporting and security enancements such as SSL/TLS, DKIM/DMARC and more.


Integrate with existing applications to send rich email, regardless of what software you use

HTML Formatting

Turn boring email templates into vibrant HTML emails with smart template options


Track clicks and opens, as well as simple email delivery (who received what, with full logging available)

Attachment Tracking

Send attachments as links with full tracking on who viewed the attachment, including IP and Useragent

Security Features

Bring your applications up to speed with SSL/TLS encryption on emails, with SPF, DKIM and DMARC security built in

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