Email to SMS

Build business texting into your day-to-day


Simplify - with Email-to-SMS

Sending text messages is an effective way to connect with customers, but it can be cumbersome if you don't have the right tools. With the Email-to-SMS service, you can manage business texts from your email inbox.

Send an email containing your text message, and we'll deliver it to the mobile. Replies are sent back to your inbox. Simple.


Quick, effective communication

  • The simplest way to stay in touch
  • Business SMS lets you contact customers instantly, wherever they are. Because users receive messages direct to their phones, they're less likely to miss or ignore them - most text messages are read and replied to within five minutes.

  • Faster workflow, more free time
  • Switching your communication to SMS frees up time spent sending individual messages, making phone calls and chasing up customer replies.

  • Insights through SMS Replies
  • Email to SMS includes built-in reporting options - you'll know who hasn't opened your messages, whether they reply and how long it takes - giving you valuable insight.
  • Two-way communication means mobiles can reply to your message from their phone, and you'll receive the reply in your email inbox.

Laptop sending an email to sms message

Integrate and customise

  • Works with most email clients
  • Send and receive texts with no special plugins or extra software. We support Outlook, Office365, Gmail, Thunderbird, iOS and Apple Mail, and most email clients.
  • How To Guide

  • SMS built into your software
  • Integrate Email-to-SMS technology into your software and reach customers without needing to switch applications. The service can be white labelled for integrators and resellers.
  • Wholesale SMS
  • Developer Guide

  • Speedy communication with short codes
  • When sending to New Zealand mobiles, your messages send from short code numbers.
  • With your own dedicated short code number, mobiles can text you first and start the conversation.
  • Dedicated Short Codes

  • Extra Tools & Support Services
  • We make the Email-to-SMS learning curve easy, with step-by-step instructions and help from our support team.
  • Plus a range of goodies, including the URL Shortener, web-based replies with Reply Link, sending files with File Link, calendar syncing for Calendar Reminder Automation, and more!
  • URL Shortener
  • Reply Link
  • File Link
  • Calendar Reminders

Email-to-SMS displayed on a mobile


Starter Plan


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  • Multiple Message Types
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