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    "Sender": "",
    "APIKey": "ta8wr7ymd",
    "MessageData" :
        "Message": "This is a test SMS message. Reply YES to confirm.",
        "Destinations" : 
            { "Recipient": "+6421000001" }
            { "Recipient": "+6421000002" }
Mobile Phone Displaying Reply Webpage

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    "Hi [[First Name]], account [[Custom1]] is overdue.
    \r\n\Contact 0800 000 000 for details",
         "Recipient": "6421000001",
         "First Name": "Barry",
         "Last Name": "Smith",
         "Custom1": "392173422"
         "Recipient": "021-000-002",
         "First Name": "Hemi",
         "Last Name": "Jones",
         "Custom1": "396131171"

    "Here's your ticket for tonight's event: [[Files]]
    \r\n\Info: [[Link:]]
    \r\nQuestions? Contact us here: [[Reply]]",
    "Name": "MyFile.pdf",
    "Data": %%BASE64%%"

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Mobile Phone Displaying a MessageLink SMS Message Mobile Phone Displaying Event Ticket

  • API Webhook
  • When a reply SMS is received, this can be webhooked to your specified URL.
  • See the Docs

  • API Poll
  • You can poll for received messages in a given timeframe, or track replies to specific sent messages.
  • See the Docs

  • Web Dashboard
  • Using the dashboard, you can view a log of all received messages in a given time-frame.
  • See the Guide

  • Email Notifications
  • You can specify the 'SMSEmailReply' parameter to determine where email notifications are sent.
  • SMS Reply Notofication Example

  • Automated Unsubscribes
  • When a mobile replies 'STOP' they are automatically added to your SMS Opt-Out List. Easy!
  • Automated Opt-Outs

  • URL Shortener
  • Long links can be automatically shortened using the built-in URL Shortener, saving you precious space in SMS messages.
  • URL Shortener

  • Link Click Tracker
  • The SMS service tracks when a mobile clicks a shortened link, including their mobile number, time, user-agent and IP Address for better visibility on the people that are clicking your links.
  • Tracking SMS Links

  • Web-Based SMS Replies
  • Allow mobiles to reply via the web using a custom SMS Landing Page. Saves on text costs, plus the landing page can include forms, surveys, and more!
  • SMS Landing Pages
  • Web Reply Link


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