Dedicated Short Codes

A New Zealand short code, unique to your business!


SMS Alerts
Free-to-Text Option
SMS Marketing

SMS Short Codes are an excellent way to capture the interest of a mobile phone user!

Do you expect customers to memorize a full length mobile number?
A Short Code is a 3 or 4 digit number (e.g. 875) that is easy to remember amongst a flurry of advertising.

Act now and grab those customers using a Short Code!

Sender Cost Options for Dedicated Short Codes:

The sender pays the cost to send you a text. This is charged at 20c (inc GST), regardless of any text plan they have.

Your cost each month is flat rate for receiving. You only pay for the texts that you send outbound.

It is free for a mobile phone to send you a text. You absorb the cost of receiving the text message at 15c (exl GST) per SMS.

You can also send texts outbound to mobile phones.

Careful consideration is needed as there are no controls for blocking texts into your short code; you are liable for payment of all texts received.

Outbound Support

Send outbound messages to New Zealand mobiles using your short code number as the Caller ID

NZ-wide Support

Our short codes work with all New Zealand operators and mobile networks

Code Control

No other businesses will have access to your code; useful for branding and retaining the rights to the number

Email Notifications

Receive a notification for each message (contains the sender's mobile number and full message received)

Alternative Pricing Options

If a dedicated short code exceeds your budget, check out our Shared Short Codes option!

API Integrations

Deliver data via API with potential to customise auto-replies (eg webhook response indicates the reply to use)


Contact Us for pricing

- Pricing varies based on the short code text cost requirements
- There is a minimum 12 month term for new short codes
- We currently support New Zealand short codes only