Mobile Applications

Customised communication with your own mobile app.


Manage your messaging with a bespoke, branded mobile messenger application

It's clear that the world is going mobile - how to work in this new paradigm is less obvious.

Many businesses struggle to work out how to use mobile communication to their advantage, attempting to use a range of different systems and failing to connect with mobile users.

With TNZ, you can create a custom, branded messaging app for iOS and Android, giving you an efficient way to connect with your customers.

Messaging that works for your business

Reliable customer outreach

Having your own purpose-built communications channel means you don't have to rely on outside mobile or email providers to reach your customers. You own the mobile app, so your messages aren't blocked or marked as spam. It's an effective way to communicate on mobile.

A solution that works with your tech - and grows with your business

TNZ designs mobile apps that integrate with established tech - from web applications to SQL databases - making them easy to slot into your existing systems. Our apps are stable, feature-rich and scale up as your business grows.

Easy deployment

Get customers onboard with a direct link to the app store download and a easy-to-use Email and SMS encouragement tool.

Expert development, expert support

Our mobile division has been building functional, efficient platforms for years now - we'll work with you to develop yours, whether that means a complete custom solution or a simpler rebrand of an existing platform.

Control communication with your own platform.

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