SMS Broadcasting

Use text messaging to capture attention, wherever your users are...


Business SMS Broadcasting

Reliable, cost-effective & fast transactional business SMS solutions provided by TNZ Group.

Initiate personalised business text messages using Email, SMS Dashboard and/or SMS APIs to hundreds, even thousands recipients with a few simple steps!

Most of customers using TNZ's cloud-hosted SMS services for sending:

  • Emergency Text Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders & Confirmations (2-way SMS)
  • Rosters & Confirmations (2-way SMS)
  • Attendance (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Schools)
  • Invoice Overdue Reminders (Dept Collections)
  • Web Link(s) for Online Surveys (SMS Surveys)
  • Marketing Broadcasts (Requires your own Dedicated Short Code)

Flexible ways to send Business SMS Text Broadcasts

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SMS by Email

Send us email with your list file attached (Excel or CSV).

The service converts the email into a text message and delivers it to the mobile phone.

Email to SMS
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SMS by Web Portal

Submit a job with your list file, send mass SMS with a few simple steps.

Address Book & SMS Calendar features supported.

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Initiate Bulk SMS using your existing applications.

Our powerful SMS API supports REST, HTTP/S POST, SOAP, SMTP & more.


Receive Replies - 2-Way SMS System

Mobiles are able to reply back to your text messages, a crucial feature for any business. Received replies are logged in the dashboard and can be emailed or webhooked to you.

Additional free reply/optout functionality is supported using MessageLink, reducing your user's cost of replies and opt-outs.


  • Send SMS broadcasts via our online web dashboard (Web-to-SMS), or via Email (Email-to-SMS) or TNZ SMS API.
  • Bulk SMS - Send using a list of mobile numbers (upload your own database/spreadsheet of contacts) and submit a bunch of messages in one go.
  • Use our online dashboard Address Book to manage contacts, track delivery results and view replies.
  • SMS Merge message personalisation (insert customized names and other values into messages).
  • Super speedy delivery (great for urgent alerts or SMS notifications) or set a later date/time for sending.
  • Recurring message support (set messages to regularly repeat).
  • Options for trackable links and sending files via SMS (using MessageLink).
  • Options for unsubscribe links (using MessageLink).

The simplest option is using our Online Web Dashboard. Easily load up messages to send, import a list of contacts, specify the date and time and click Send!

Other options include via Email to SMS (attach a CSV list of contacts to an email and send) and SMS APIs (for developers).

The mobile phone will see a valid response number that they can reply to. Replies are captured in the Web Dashboard, as well as optionally emailed to you.

Reply support is essential to comply with New Zealand's SPAM laws, providing an opt-out function. A Free-to-Text Dedicated Short Code is useful should you be required to provide a free "unsubscribe" method.

We do have volume discounts available if you're regularly sending over 10,000 SMS per month. Contact Us for details.

By default, new accounts are limited to a maximum of three-message-parts (459 GSM characters).

You can increase or decrease this via your web dashboard login. See the Sending Longer SMS Messages guide for more information.

A delivery report will be available for you to check the status of a message. A result of 'delivered' means the mobile has received the message. You can access delivery reports via the web dashboard.

You can send marketing messages only if you have sign up with Dedicated Short Code to NZ Mobiles, Free-To-Text Code is recommended for marketing messages.

Our Standard two-way SMS/TXT services are designed for reminders, alerts/notifications, 2FA Tokens & rosters.

Check out the Wholesale section for details.


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