Internet Fax

Throw away your fax machine - send and receive faxes via email


A Cloud Fax Number service, get a new fax number from us or keep your existing fax number.

We will receive fax documents on your behalf and deliver them to you electronically (via the Internet) via Email or to your Web/API server. A completely online solution!

When you sign up for our Fax to Email service, you will be issued a dedicated fax number or you can port your existing number to our Fax to Email.

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Fax by Email

Send & Receive fax documents using your email client or SMTP server.

We convert the email attachment to Fax, any received fax documents to your inbox.

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Fax by Web Portal

Send & Receive fax documents using our web portal with a few simple steps.

We also support Address Book features on our web portal.

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Fax by API

Transmit fax documents using your existing applications.

Our powerful Fax API supports REST, HTTP/S POST, SOAP, SMTP & more.

Internet Fax explained:

Any faxes sent to your fax number are collected by TNZ Fax, converted into a PDF or TIF document, and emailed to you. You do not need a physical fax machine or telephone line - TNZ handles this!

You can send faxes by addressing an email to and attaching a document, PDF or image. See the Email-to-Fax Guide to learn more.

When receiving a fax

  1. The fax sender uses their normal fax machine to send the fax
  2. Our fax servers answer the fax call and handle receiving of the fax
  3. Our fax server delivers the fax to you via email
  4. You can also view received faxes via your web dashboard login

When sending a fax

  1. You send a fax using email-to-fax
  2. Our fax servers convert your email into a fax and send it to the fax number
  3. The fax recipient receives a normal fax on their fax machine
  4. Our fax server emails you a delivery report (advising the status of the fax)

We can port your existing fax number to our fax network. This process typically takes five business days. We can port numbers in both New Zealand and Australia. See Number Portability for details.

You can view your archive of faxes using the online dashboard. Faxes are kept available for three months.

For security conscious customers, fax archiving can be disabled. See No Archive for details.

All faxes you receive are available to view using the online dashboard. Log In from anywhere to view all received faxes.

We can also deliver received faxes to your FTP server, or you can log into our FTP server to receive fax documents.

You can send a fax to any fax number worldwide.

When sending an international fax, ensure to format the number like you would for a telephone call, eg 00[country code][area code][number] = 0061233334444

When your fax completes delivery, you will receive an email report advising if the fax was sent successfully or not.

If the delivery report states "Sent OK" you can be assured the fax machine received the fax. You can also view fax delivery reports using the online dashboard.

See the understanding fax delivery result codes guide for details.

Check out the Wholesale section for details.

'Never Busy' Fax Service

Utilizing our thousands of fax lines, your fax number will never be engaged

Hosted Solution, No Hardware Required

No fax machine, fax line or even physical location required! A completely cloud hosted solution


Keep track of a sent fax's status using email notifications (fax delivery result codes)

Combat Fax Spam

We manage a customer-driven opt-out database. If you receive a spam fax, let us know!

Enterprise Security

With proprietary encryption, plus SSL, TLS and HTTPS standards built in. Additional options include PGP Encryption, and No Archive

New Zealand Support

Our team is based in Auckland, New Zealand - we're on hand to help


NZ Landlines

/per fax number/per month

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Credit card, bank transfer or direct debit
  • $40/setup - if porting from another provider
  • 20c/Fax Page Received
  • 15c/Fax Page to NZ Landlines
  • 15c/Fax Page to International Landlines*
  • 0800 Numbers

    /per fax number/per month

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Credit card, bank transfer or direct debit
  • $40/setup - if porting from another provider
  • 20c/Fax Page Received
  • 15c/Fax Page to NZ Landlines
  • 15c/Fax Page to International Landlines*
  • Need more?

    Get in touch with your requirements

  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • International Fax Numbers
  • * Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars excluding GST