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Add messaging to your arsenal. We offer:

SMS Email-to-SMS and API solutions allow your clients to send text messages and receive replies back via email, totally whitelabelled. Simple low-touch revenue!
Voice Voicemail-to-Email numbers and Call Diversion/Line Hunt numbers may add features your offering lacks. Hosted by TNZ, you simply rebill for monthly and usage costs.
Voice services also include voice broadcasting; sending calls programmatically, and conferencing solutions.
Fax For all your Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax needs! Fax is difficult and frustrating to implement - leave it to us!
TNZ's bread and butter, our fax solutions are world class, secure, reliable and everything in between.
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Email Build programmatic email solutions for your customers, building this into software that you supply but an email solution you don't want to support.
Mobile Apps /
Instant Messaging
New age solutions that your clients are craving. Bespoke, cost-effective, and smart, with build in AI and remote updates.
Partner Portal A self-service portal where you can load new requests, set up customers, provision ports, DDIs, and more!

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Other useful guides:
- CDR Specifications (Call Detail Records)
- Security Features
- Operational Processes - Disaster Recovery and Backups


Delivery reports, domains, dashboard, all rebranded to match your business


Full transactional CDRs available, or simple manual rebilling options

Value-Added Services

Compliment your offering - missing a piece of the telecommunications pie?

On-Going Support

New Zealand based support team that are on-hand with priority resale partner support


Some prefer self-service, which is possible with our fully featured customer dashboard