Virtual Mobile Numbers

An Australian mobile number delivered via email or API


Your own Dedicated Mobile Number allows staff, clients and customers to send text messages to a virtual mobile number and have these delivered to you via the internet.

You can receive the text message via email, our web dashboard, or via REST API.

Sending and receiving from your Australian Virtual Mobile Number is supported.
New Zealand mobiles are capable of texting your Australian virtual mobile number, however texts sent from your virtual mobile number to New Zealand mobiles will be delivered with a short code Caller ID (eg 1234). This is a New Zealand industry limitation.

Methods to Receive Inbound SMS

The email notification will include the sender's mobile number, the date/time the message was received, and the full message received.

Options include the ability to reply to the email to send a text back to the mobile phone.

Your dashboard login will display all SMS received, including the sender's mobile number, the time/date the message was received, and the full text message received.

Options include adding the sender's mobile number to your Address Book for later communication, removing the sender's number from your Address Book, and exporting list of messages received.

Use our simple HTTP POST/GET API to receive inbound messages.

See the guide: Virtual Mobile Number API

You can then utilize our REST API for sending outbound messages.

Hosted Service

Fully virtual; no physical SIM cards or hardware issues

Standard Australian number

Receive texts from any mobile able to text Australian mobiles


Reports include the sender's mobile number, date/time and full message received

Email Notifications

Receive a notification for each message (contains the sender's mobile number and full message received)

Competitive Pricing

Much cheaper than a dedicated short code, with many of the same benefits

API Integrations

Deliver data via API with potential to customise auto-replies (eg webhook response indicates the reply to use)


Initial Set Up Costs $50.00
Monthly Service Costs $40.00
Messaging Costs $0.00 - No charge for SMS received
Service Terms - Month-by-month term, cancellation at any time
- Texts into your virtual mobile number cost the sender their normal text charge
- Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars and excludes GST