Virtual Mobile Numbers

Take your SMS messages online with a virtual mobile number and email notifications


Receive SMS Messages in your Email Inbox, Dashboard or API

A virtual mobile number lets staff, customers and potential clients get in touch via text. You receive messages your chosen way - through email, REST API or our web dashboard.

  • Mobile in the cloud

  • Your virtual number is cloud hosted - no physical equipment, SIMs or Handsets means there's no need to maintain equipment as it breaks or becomes obselete.

  • Record details for the future

  • Customer phone numbers, message details and date/time information is recorded, helping you understand when and why customers are getting in touch.

  • Australian number, New Zealand messages

  • Our virtual number service sets you up with an Australian mobile number.

    Australian users can send and receive SMS using the virtual mobile number, while New Zealand users can only receive on their virtual mobile number (SMS sent to NZ Mobiles sends from a short code - this is a limitation of the NZ network).

  • Central mobile number for MFA/2FA

  • Received SMS notifications can be emailed to a group email inbox - useful for managing one-time passcodes as a team.

  • SMS Receiving Methods:

  • Email: An email notification is delivered to your nominated email address. The email contains the sender's mobile number, the date/time the message was received, and the full message received.

  • Web Dashboard: Updated in real time, users can view SMS received including the sender's mobile number and full message received. Reports can be exported to a spreadsheet.

  • API: Our web service can Webhook received SMS messages to your nominated URL, or you can Poll for a list of messages.

TNZ Dashboard displaying a list of received SMS messages


Initial Set Up Costs $50.00
Monthly Service Costs $40.00
Messaging Costs $0.00 - No charge for SMS received
Service Terms - Month-by-month term, cancellation at any time
- Texts into your virtual mobile number cost the sender their normal text charge
- Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars and excludes GST