Send images, video and files inside SMS messages
An example of files sent using SMS

Send files in SMS messages using

SMS File Link

  Send product images
  Send barcodes & promotions
  Send calendar invites for events
  Send invoices & payment receipts
  Send PDFs & HTML newsletters
  Send video & audio clips
  and more!
  With SMS File Link (an RCS and MMS alternative)
Send Files

Send pictures, videos, documents and files directly to mobiles for fast attention and engagement

Send Using SMS

All you need is the mobile number - no app download needed


Protect sensitive files with TLS encryption, PIN access and auto-expiring links

Image Previews

Capture attention with image thumbnails in text messages (uses Open Graph)

Click Tracking

Capture click data including time, mobile number, device type and IP address/location

Send Your Way

Send SMS using Email-to-SMS, the Web Dashboard, and SMS APIs



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