Fax Solutions

For Corporate and Government clients


In the smart-device age, enterprises operate in real time. Often it's legacy fax solutions that slow this down.

Working with TNZ Group's Internet-based fax solution, eliminating the need for paper-based faxing can help you become more productive and customer focussed, transforming your organisation into an efficient, real-time enterprise.

The key concepts are:

  1. Flexibility to access fax solutions at any time, anywhere
  2. Enhanced Productivity, integrating fax into existing email workflows
  3. Cost Control with enhanced reporting options
  4. Business Continuity with an outsourced cloud-based fax solution and optional fax archiving

TNZ provides experienced operational support and account management to ensure smooth on-boarding and on-going support.

Your staff and technical team will have access to management and accessibility controls, resulting in less time spent on maintenance and more time on the important jobs.

Fax Solutions - Features of Note

  NZ Government Compliance

We abide by New Zealand's privacy laws (including The Privacy Act 1993) to ensure your data is secure.

Our fax solutions are NZISM compliant for use with New Zealand government agencies (ensures access security, data security, physical security and service resiliency).

We have GCIO 105 forms and Government-Accepted GMC contract forms ready to go.

  Security Standards

Utilizing important industry standard security is paramount. Our Web and FTP servers are encrypted with HTTPS and our Email Servers are protected with SSL/TLS and DNS verification (SPF, PTR, DKIM, DMARC). The Security Features guide covers our security measures in detail.

  SecureFax Included

Our SecureFax offering includes enhanced security options (No-Archive and PGP Encryption).

  Data Sovereignty

TNZ offers data sovereignty options for both New Zealand and Australian businesses. Contact a sales representative for details.

  Email Security & Retention

Moving from a legacy fax machine based solution to a Fax-to-Email/Email-to-Fax based solution will bring faxing under your business software and/or email security requirements and data retention rules.

  Business Agreements

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) available on request. Bespoke agreements also supported on a case-by-case basis (*Additional costs may apply).

A completely mobile solution - remove the requirement for a physical fax machine. Workers can send and receive faxes remotely, anywhere, anytime.

  Faxing via Email

TNZ's fax solutions are designed to suit an email environment. Users can send and receive faxes as simple emails. See Internet Fax for detailed information.

  Faxing from the Web Dashboard

Individual users or departments can be provided a self-service dashboard login for sending faxes, viewing received faxes and managing their own configuration.

Access can be tiered; users can view only their own data, or their department's data.

  Desktop Software

A simple Windows desktop application is available. *Additional costs apply

  System Integration

Fax sending and receiving can be integrated into existing software and systems using our RESTful API, SOAP API, FTP (SFTP/FTPS), print queue faxing and complex mainframe and postscript integration. Contact us for further information.


Fax solutions can be completely white labelled (white badged). This includes theming of email reports, tailored dashboard access and use of your own *@fax.yourbusiness.com fax addresses.

  Customized Reporting

Complex reporting options include tracking user usage and cost centre/department usage.

Reports can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly and send via email, FTP, or viewed in real-time via the web dashboard.

  CLI & CSID Control

CLI (Caller Line Identification) and CSID (Caller Sender Identification) control means the Caller ID on sent faxes display the correct calling number (based on the sending email address) with support for transmit stamp customisation (modifying the fax header).

  Legacy Systems

Services can be customized to suit legacy systems. Move from your existing infrastructure across to a fully outsourced fax solution with ease. We offer print queue collection and integration with legacy mainframes (using our SendService or INetFileTransfer software).

Business critical fax functions are reliable and scalable when used with TNZ's cloud-hosted TaaS fax solutions.

  Cloud Hosted Fax Solution

A completely outsourced fax platform - no physical fax machines, fax lines or paper are required. Users send and receive faxes using our hosted platform.

  Built-In Scalability

Using our hosted SaaS fax platform, adding fax services is painless. There's no physical installation or equipment required - add new users or provision new fax numbers directly from the self-service portal or contact your account manager.

  Built-In Redundancy

Ensure complete Business Continuity for your business fax services. We operate two data centre sites (Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney Australia) in an Active-Active model. Should one site fail, the other will continue to service customers uninterrupted.

Contact a sales representative for our Disaster Recovery guide.

  A Never-Busy Fax Service

Operating with access to thousands of available fax lines, your fax callers will never hear a busy tone.

  Email & Telephone assistance

The New Zealand support team is on-call to provide support via email and telephone (contact us).

  Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will be available to assist with any concerns (provisioning through to specific faults or support queries).

  After-Hours Support

We pride ourselves on a stable service with minimal support required. Should the need arise, our after-hours telephone support team is available to assist.

A cloud-hosted, turn-key solution. Set-up is a breeze with minimal on-going maintenance needed.

  Number Porting

Support for Number Portability means we can move your existing fax numbers from New Zealand and Australia to our fax service.

  Administration Portal

A self-service portal provides administrators with access to view users and their usage and add services.


NZ Landlines

/per fax number/per month

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Credit card, bank transfer or direct debit
  • $40/setup - if porting from another provider
  • 20c/Fax Page Received
  • 15c/Fax Page to NZ Landlines
  • 15c/Fax Page to International Landlines*
  • NZ 0800 Numbers

    /per fax number/per month

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Credit card, bank transfer or direct debit
  • $40/setup - if porting from another provider
  • 20c/Fax Page Received
  • 15c/Fax Page to NZ Landlines
  • 15c/Fax Page to International Landlines*
  • Need more?

    Get in touch with your requirements

  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • International Fax Numbers
  • * Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars excluding GST