Resell our fax services, including fax numbers, fax sending and enterprise fax features


TNZ Group's fax offering allows wholesalers to incorporate faxing solutions into an existing product line and market them through existing sales channels using their own brand name. All aspects of the fax solution can be fully customised, bespoke to suit your business requirements and market image.

TNZ Group has operated as an established wholesale solutions provider since the conception of Faxware International Limited in 1995.
TNZ Group has the infrastructure, ability, capacity and experience to provide turn-key fax solutions, complete with a fully integrated and secure portal with links directly into the fax platform, allowing you to directly manage your customers and services online.

Our commercial offering includes wholesale rate structures at competitive rates.
TNZ Group will provide experienced operational support and account management to ensure smooth and swift enablement as well as dedicated ongoing support, assisting you and your customers in all aspects of migration from an existing solution.

Email-to-Fax (Fax Sending) Email to Fax is a simple and effective way to send faxes. Its as easy as sending an email - we convert the email into a fax and deliver it to the fax machine. See the dedicated Email to Fax page for details.
Fax-to-Email (Fax Receiving) Receive faxes via email, no physical line required. Faxes are delivered to your nominated email address with a PDF attachment. See the dedicated Fax to Email page for details.

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On-board customers using a fully automated API solution, or keep it simple by manually loading customers via the online Partner Portal, including setting up services, porting numbers, etc.

Web Dashboard

Your own Partner Portal for administration purposes, plus a fully white labelled client-facing dashboard for your customers to log into to send messages, view reports and update service details


The BEST support is OUR priority!

You'll have a dedicated account manager plus email and telephone support

CDR Billing

Flexible CDRs for automatic importing into your billing system, or manually calculate costs at month end

Set-And-Forget Services

Remove the headaches with mature cloud-hosted technology that requires little support. It just works!


Bundle all services together into your offering, for a fully featured service for resale