Fax Broadcasting

Send bulk faxes with ease


Fax Broadcasting is designed for customers who send large amounts of faxes, whether this is for promotional purposes, business-to-business faxing, reminders, invoicing, etc.

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Fax via Email

Send us an email with your list file attached.

We convert the attached document to a fax call.

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Fax via Web Portal

Submit a job with your list file, send fax broadcasts with a few simple steps.

We also support Address Book features on our web portal.

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Fax via API

Initiate Bulk Fax using your existing applications.

Our powerful Fax API supports REST, HTTP/S POST, SOAP, SMTP & more.

Features include:

You can send faxes electronically via the Internet. You don't need a physical fax line, phone line or even a physical location! All actual faxing is handled by our service, with a simple web dashboard for loading fax broadcasts.

Faxes you send will have real time logs and reports available. These reports include the result of the fax (success or failure), the reason for a failure, the number of times the fax was tried, the time and date a fax was sent/received, etc.

Fax Transmission Reports are logged in the Web Portal for viewing in real-time and can optionally be emailed to the sender.

You have the option to either send faxes immediately, or queue faxes for sending at a specific date and time in the future.

Insert substitution into your fax documents to personalise faxes, with names, addresses, and more!
See our guide on Fax Substitution.

Using 1000's of available fax lines, your faxes will deliver extremely quickly.

Our Customer Services team is located in Auckland, New Zealand and offers free support via both email and telephone.

Download the guide:
Download PDFHelp Guide - Fax Broadcast

See our up to date list of available Fax File Types.

In most cases, we can validate and set a customised Caller ID on faxes that you send.

You can view your archive of faxes using the online dashboard. Faxes are kept available for three months. After this time, faxes are stored in offline backups and can be retrieved at your request. For security conscious customers, fax archiving can be disabled. See No Archive for details.

The fax header (transmit stamp) is fully customisable. Contact us for details on what's available.

Yes, you can send a fax to any fax number. When sending an international fax, ensure to format the number like you would for a telephone call, eg 00[country code][area code][number] = 0061233334444

You will receive a delivery report advising if the fax was sent successfully or not. If the delivery report states "Sent OK" you can be assured the fax machine received the fax. You can also view fax delivery reports using the online dashboard. See the understanding fax delivery result codes guide for details.

Check out the Wholesale section for details.

Send Electronically

Send faxes by emailing a pdf, doc, ppt, jpg, txt, html and more! See a full list of available fax formats. Receive faxes in PDF or TIF format

Enterprise Security

With proprietary encryption, plus SSL, TLS and HTTPS standards built in


Report on delivery status (success/failed status), department cost centres (for billing) and Message IDs (for developers)

Speedy Delivery

With 1000's of fax lines, your faxes will send quickly with minimal delay

Send Instantly

No need to queue up your faxes - as soon as you're ready, send them!


Pay Monthly

/per fax page

  • No Set Up Fee
  • $20 per Month
  • 15c/fax page to NZ Landlines
  • 15c/fax page to AU Landlines
  • POA for International Faxing
  • Need more?

    Get in touch with your requirements

  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Departmentalised Billing
  • * Pricing is in NZD excl GST

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