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Advanced Voice Technologies - VOIP, SIP Trunks, Hosted PABXs, Conference Calling and more!

Since Alexander Bell patented the telephone in 1876, it has dominated the way we do business.

Voice Technology has allowed for simple communication between business, their associates and their customers.
Off-the-shelf voice solutions often don't meet the needs and requirements of today's organisations.

Greater productivity and enhanced customer experience is often sacrificed to meet the common telephone offerings.

With TNZ Group's Advanced Voice Solutions Suite, your business can have all the features, smarts, automation and flexibility it requires! From simple SIP Trunks to complex custom-built PABX systems, to voice collaboration tools and customer-facing IVR systems, anything is possible!

A Corporate Grade IP Telephone Service

Voice Telephone Solutions to suit today's businesses. An ISP independent SIP provider allows your business to get the value it needs.

SIP Trunks, Hosted PABXs, VOIP over Mobile and more!

A Call Redirection Service

Link your telephone number to another number of choice. Calls can be forwarded from your old number to your new landline, mobile phone or a voicemail inbox!

Cut your CustomerLink costs in half!

Advanced IVR, Call Menu and Call Forwarding Solutions

Have callers listen to a voice message before the call reaches you, forward calls based on the caller's region or the time of day, record voicemail or keypad presses and more!

Hold business meetings with ease using Audio Conferencing!

Telephone Conferencing and Collaboration Tools allow for productive and spontaneous business meetings.

Simple and cost effective collaboration!

An easy way for your website visitors to call you!

Visitors can click on the Click2Call button and enter their telephone number. The Click2Call system will create one call to the visitor, then a second call to your call center staff. Once both parties are on the call, the calls are joined together.

Automated telephone calling system

VoiceCast is a quick and informative voice broadcasting system, the the ability to handle voice alerts and simple notifications, right through to voice surveys.