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>>  TFaxOut Service - Cloud Fax / Email to Fax / Web to Fax Service

Email to Fax Sending

A simple Fax solution - send faxes via the internet!   No fax machine or telephone line required.

Why use Email to Fax?

Scrap your fax machine and send faxes via Email!

Fax is still common in today's organisations. Email is popular because its simple, so why not simplify faxing?

Integrate your faxing into your day-to-day email workflow.

No paper. No mess. Easy!

Flexible Functionality
Email to Fax is a simple and effective way to send faxes. Its as easy as sending an email - we convert the email into a fax and deliver it to the fax machine.

Faxes can be pre-modified, pre-formatted, watermarked, signed, mail merged, fax blasted, cover pages can be added; the options are endless.

Get Started in Seconds!
Once your account has been activated, you can begin using the service immediately. It's as simple as sending an email, no training required!

Register your email addresses with us, then follow:
Three Easy Steps to send Email to Fax Messages:
Step One:
Open your Email Client

Outlook, Exchange, MDaemon, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Xtra, Apple Mail, iOS, Android, Blackberry
and more
Step Two:
"To" needs to contain the fax number you are sending to
Step Three:
Attach your fax document to the email

Click Send!
Final Result:
Download a full Help Guide:

Additional Features
  • Hosted solution, no hardware required. You can send faxes electronically via the internet (email). You don't need a physical fax line, phone line or even a physical location! All actual faxing is handled by our server farm.

  • You can send a wide range of file types, including Microsoft Office® documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, etc), Openoffice/Libreoffice documents (odt, ods, etc), Adobe® documents (pdf, etc), image file types (jpg, gif, tif, bmp, etc) and more (txt, html, etc).

  • Sophisticated Reporting. Faxes you send will have real time logs and reports available. These reports include the result of the fax (success or failure), the reason for a failure, the number of times the fax was tried, the time and date a fax was sent/received, etc.

Initial Set Up Costs$0.00
Monthly Account Charge$5.00
Sending Faxes (New Zealand Landlines) $0.15 per page
Sending Faxes (Australia, UK, USA & more) $0.15 per page
Contact a Sales Representative for high volume pricing, bulk rates, broadcasting rates or pricing to other countries.

Lower Fax pricing is available for high volume senders.
Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars and is exclusive of taxes.

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