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TFax Number Pricing

Sending Faxes

Sending a Fax     (Australia & New Zealand) $0.15 per Fax Page
Contact a Sales Representative for bulk and broadcasting rates or pricing for faxing outside New Zealand and Australia.

Fax Numbers

Number Type Monthly Line Rental Fee (NZD) Cost per Fax Page Received
New Zealand Landline $10.00  per DDI 20c
Australian Landline $10.00  per DDI 20c
New Zealand Freephone / Freefax (0800 or 0508) $20.00  per Toll Free 20c
Australian Freephone / Freefax (1300 or 1800) $30.00  per Toll Free
(plus $60 set up fee)
International Landline / Freefax Price on Application 20c

The Monthly Line Rental Fee is applicable per fax number.
The Cost per Fax Page Received is the charge per fax page sent to your fax number. See the "High volume Fax Receiving Plans" below for plans to decrease the cost per fax page.
You can optionally request your own personalised freephone number (set up charges may apply).

High Volume Plans

Does 20c per fax page received sound like too much?
These plans are only required if you receive a high volume of faxes and need the cost savings of "free fax pages".

Monthly Plan Fee (NZD) Free Received Fax Pages Cost per Additional Fax Page
No Plan 0 20c
$25 150 20c
$50 400 20c
$75 750 20c
$100 1250 20c
$150 2500 20c
$200 3500 20c
$250 4500 20c
$600 10000 20c

The fax plan is shared by all your fax numbers. This is over and above your Monthly Line Rental fee for fax numbers. When your allocated number of "free received fax pages" has been met, any additional fax pages received will be charged at 20c. Fax plans can be adjusted on a month-by-month basis.

Number Portability

If you have an existing fax number and wish to move it to TNZ, we can "Port" your number from your old provider to the TFax Service!
We can port any number from any local area in New Zealand and Australia (including Toll Free Numbers).

Number Type Price   (NZD)   One-Time Fee per Number Ported
New Zealand Landline $40.00
Australian Landline $90.00
New Zealand Freephone / Freefax $40.00
Australian Freephone / Freefax $90.00

- See Number Portability Terms and Conditions here -

Above is the pricing for TFaxIn individually and is quoted in New Zealand Dollars exclusive of GST/Tax.
See here for information on Corporate and Wholesale options.

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