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TFone VoIP Number Addons

These Addons are available with any TFone VoIP Number. Each "Hosted PBX" addon needs to be purchased specifically for each TFone VoIP Number (i.e. the Hosted PBX facility cannot be shared between numbers).

Hosted PBX Options

These are for customers who are not using a IP PBX or TFone Manager. Most IP PBXs offer this functionality.
To use an existing PSTN PBX with the TFone service, see the TFone ATA.

Hosted Voicemail + $5.00 month
Hosted Voicemail allows any TFone VoIP Number customer to upload or record their very own personal Answer Phone message without any physical PBX or hardware! Tell us how long to wait and if the call rings for too long, we will play your Voicemail greeting and record the response! There will always be a Voicemail message played due to our highly redundant Internet connectivity and servers - never worry about your IP PBX outage again!
As your Voicemail is fully hosted, we will email you as soon as one arrives, or you can view it online!
Hosted Call Forwarding + $2.00 month
Hosted Call Forwarding is simple to setup and easy to use. Make the most of our low calling rates and set up your number to call through to another number, landline or mobile if you are busy or away. Best of all, transfers between TFone VoIP Numbers are completely free!
Simply set your Call Forwarding to ring your TFone VoIP Number. If we cannot connect the call (busy or no answer), tell us how many seconds to wait before we transfer the call to any other number you wish. You can step your call through as many numbers as you wish (just remember, your caller may not wait around forever!)
Hosted Call Menu / IVR + $10.00 month
A Hosted Call Menu / IVR is your standard "Hi, press one for sales or two for support" voice greeting. Your company can have one of these without any physical hardware with our Hosted service!
Easy to set up; upload or record your Greeting and set the Keypad/DTMF tones to forward to numbers of your choice. Forward calls to any landline, mobile or international number but remember, transfers to TFone VoIP Numbers are completely free!

Hardware Options

Currently we offer two types of "connectivity" and PBX hardware. We do not offer IP Phones or USB Headsets.

TFone ATA + $10.00 month
The TFone ATA (or Analogue Telephone Adaptor) is a great way to save cash when moving your telephone systems to VoIP/SIP. The TFone ATA is a small device that will convert "PSTN to IP" so your existing cordless or desk telephone with work with a TFone VoIP Number!
Even better, with our special configuration options, you can keep your existing PSTN PBX by placing the TFone ATA in front of the incoming telephone lines. This saves hugely on upgrade costs as you can keep your existing PBX and telephones while slowly upgrading equipment to an IP standard.
Best of all, rent our TFone ATAs monthly, saving on Capital Expenditure!

   Click to see a TFone ATA in a normal IP network converting PSTN telephones.
   Click to see a TFone ATA converting an existing PSTN PBX to SIP.
TFone Manager IP PBX + $50.00 month
The TFone Manager is TFone's flagship IP PBX, built from the ground up to support all facets of the TFone service.
Rather than a hosted option, the TFone Manager is a physical PBX designed to be plugged into a customer's internal network, greatly reducing network overhead and bandwidth as all registrations, internal calls and call transfers are done over the internal network - not in the cloud!
Hosted at your premises, the TFone Manager offers all the functionality of an IP PBX with added reliability - its our device, its our network!

Along with a swish web-based management tool, customers can expect IVR, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, along with a range of other options. Individual users can log into the web management and adjust settings for themselves only. Know you are heading out of the office? Divert all calls to your mobile! Its as simple as that.
Better yet, with hot-desk you can take your laptop, TFone ATA or IP Phone home and have it operate just as if it were in the office! Make and receive calls as per normal.

All new TFone Managers are shipped full configured. All you need to do is "plug'n'play".

We have two options for various sized businesses. See more information at the TFone Manager page.

   Click to see a TFone Manager IP PBX in a normal network.

Other Options

Toll Free Number $25.00 month
Grab a TFone Toll Free Number for $25.00 month. Toll Free Numbers include 0800, 0508 and 1300 numbers.
We can even port your existing Toll Free number or you can request one!
TFone Fax-In 500 $25.00 month
As fax specialists, we know fax over VoIP / SIP is unreliable.
While we don't block our TFone network or stop our customers sending fax over IP, we stronly discourage it.
That's why we're offering a special package to TFone customers only: Sign up for a TFone VoIP Number and receive our Fax-In 500 plan, running on our TFax PSTN Network, for just $25.00 month!
You receive a fax number, anywhere in New Zealand or Australia, plus 500 free received fax pages, for just $25.00 month!

Faxes received are sent as PDF's directly into your email inbox.
For bigger fax plans or more information on TFax, see TFax Plans and Pricing.

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