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TFone Hosted IVR

Advanced IVR Telephony Solutions for your Business

IVR Systems are a common feature of many corporate phone strategies today.

More and more companies are employing IVR solutions to help streamline calls and improve their customer's experience on the telephone. Where your organisation shares a primary telephone number for a range of departments, you may be seeing the requirement for an IVR system.

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows telephone callers to use their keypad buttons to select options in a Call Menu.
For example, a caller will hear a pre-recorded voice message stating "Press One for Sales or Press Two for Accounts". Upon pressing the appropriate keypad button (DTMF tone) the call will be transferred to the telephone number, telephone line or call action of choice.
Your callers are filtered and directed to the correct department, enhancing call flows and productivity. Calls can be immediately directed to a particular sales person or administration staff, reducing the need for a Receptionist or Call Centre staff directing calls.

TNZ's Hosted IVR is a fully hosted IVR solution does not require any equipment at your premises. It is affordable, giving smaller organisations the opportunity to boost their company profile and professional image.

Great for large companies:
  • Filtering calls
  • Redirectory of calls to each department
  • Enhancing call flows
  • Reduction in Administration staff required to direct calls
  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Overall reduced call time, saving on toll costs and enhancing caller satisfaction
  • Single point of contact makes marketing and customer relations easier
Great for small companies:
  • Call redirection directly to an individual person, allowing a single telephone number to service multiple staff on-the-go.
  • Enhancing Company image
  • InfoLine solutions, allowing callers to dial your Information Line and listen to your pre-recorded sales pitch!

There are two levels of IVR complexity - Simple IVRs and Complex IVRs.

Simple IVRs include simple keypad options with calls routing to a telephone number or taking a voicemail message.
Complex IVRs include much more detailed IVR options, multiple menu levels and advanced features.

See the Features section for more information.

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