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Tolls & Toll Free Services

Lowering the cost of doing business...

Why Our Toll Services?

As TNZ Group purchase millions of minutes each month for the sending of faxes and voice calls, we are able to offer these excellent rates for our customers to enjoy.
You can opt for TNZ Group to take on all your complete number, its rental and all tolls.
Alternatively, TNZ Group can cover just your toll calling.

Tolls Only Option:
This is a premium service. This allows you to use your existing telephone (at home or work) to make low cost toll calls. Your current provider will still invoice you for the line rental, but TNZ Group will invoice you for your toll charges separately (on the same invoice as any messaging services you may sign up for)

See more about standard Tolls and Numbers here!

Why Our Toll-Free Services?

TNZ Group also offers low cost toll-free 0800 numbers at a fraction of the standard retail price!
Our Toll Free numbers include all the technology of the Link.A.Number, including Call Routing and Profiling, Call Menus, IVR, Voicemail and more!

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The benefits...

  • One invoice for all your faxing, messaging, phone calls and any of the other feature-filled services TNZ Group offers.
  • Simple accounting - all invoicing is electronic.
    Users can login and view full call details, with an option to download all call details to Excel.
  • No hidden costs - pay only for the calls you make.
  • No signup fees or contracts - you can cancel at any time.

How it works:

  • Accounts must be paid by Direct Debit. TNZ Group will send these forms to you.
  • TNZ Group will complete your application form and send this to your current toll provider. Within 3-5 days you will be using TNZ Group Toll Services.
  • You are able to use the Web Portal to login and view/search all calls made.
  • There are no fees to change toll providers.
  • Your existing phone numbers do not change.
  • There is no change in the way you dial your toll calls.
  • Pricing is calculated on the first 60 seconds, then per second thereafter.