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SMS Sending Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email to SMS?
Email to SMS is the most popular method to deliver SMS messages (bulk and single) to a list of mobile phone numbers. Simply attach list of mobile numbers to an email and compose the message in the body of the email. The TSMS Server will convert your email into SMS messages and deliver them for you. Replies can then be sent to either your mobile phone, or back to your email inbox.
Other than Email to SMS, what delivery methods are available?
The TSMS service has many supported delivery methods, such as HTTP POST/GET and SOAP, as well as composing a text through your Online Account inside our Web Portal (Web to SMS).
Can I send SMS messages from more than one email address?
Yes! We can register an unlimited number of email addresses under your account. You can add and configure email addresses via your Online Account. If you would like to enable sending from all the addresses in a domain, please contact us to enable a domain account.
Can I send long text messages (more than 160 characters)?
Yes! By default we will limit your messages to a 160 character maximum (including spaces). If you wish to send long messages, let us know and we will unlock this for your account.
Why have I been charged for two texts when I only sent one text?
The SMS pricing is per SMS and SMS messages over 160 characters will be charged accordingly (e.g. 161 characters will be the quoted single SMS price multiplied by two).
However, if you send your SMS message using UCS-2 encoding, the number of characters per message is reduced to 70 characters. Some characters and symbols are not supported using the standard GSM character set, which causes your SMS message to automatically convert to UCS-2. The most common causes are curly “ and ” style apostrophes and accented é letters that are included when copying text from a Microsoft Word document into a SMS message, or use of foreign language characters (such as some Asian characters).
See the GSM 03.38 specifications for more information.

Number of Characters (using GSM 7 bit encoding) Number of Message Parts Used Total Charge for Message
0 - 160 1 1x SMS Price
161 - 306 2 2x SMS Price
307 - 459 3 3x SMS Price
460 - 612 4 4x SMS Price
613 - 765 5 5x SMS Price
766 - 918 6 6x SMS Price
919 - 1071 7 7x SMS Price
1072 - 1224 8 8x SMS Price
1225 - 1377 9 9x SMS Price
Number of Characters (using Unicode USC-2 encoding) Number of Message Parts Used Total Charge for Message
0 - 70 1 1x SMS Price
71 - 134 2 2x SMS Price
135 - 268 3 3x SMS Price
269 - 335 4 4x SMS Price
336 - 402 5 5x SMS Price
403 - 469 6 6x SMS Price
470 - 536 7 7x SMS Price
537 - 603 8 8x SMS Price
604 - 670 9 9x SMS Price

On a technical level, how does Two Way SMS work?
The 2-Way TXT system can be explained using the following two graphics:

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