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Server Monitoring How it Works


Monitoring Service requires following settings (Through Web Portal):
  • Public accessible IP Address or DNS - e.g. or (IP Address)
  • Port Number - ie: 80 for web service, 22 for SSH service
  • Protocol - TCP/UDP
  • Interval - How often we have to check
  • Retry Interval - How often we should retry checking your server if check failed
  • Retries - How many times we should retry checking your server if check failed
  • Email Address - Email Address(es) to receive notifications
  • Mobile Number - Mobile phone number(s) to receive notifications

How it works:

TNZ Group's Monitoring Service is based on a server's public IP address or DNS record. Our Monitoring Server will check the port based on the periods that you have configured. This is how it works:
  • The Monitoring server checks your server based on IP/DNS and Port number
  • If Success, wait for specified interval for next check
  • If Failed, wait for specified retry interval and retry
  • If it reaches specified number of retries, send Email and/or SMS notification
  • Keep checking the failed server until it comes back online
  • If the server comes back, send another notification to indicate it is up and running