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TFax Number Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fax to Email?
When you subscribe to the TFax Number, TNZ Group will allocate a dedicated fax number to you. This will allow you to receive fax documents from any fax number to your email (and also your Online TNZ Account - also called fax to internet, internet fax or fax to web).

When a fax is sent to your fax number, the TFax server converts the fax image to an electronic document, such as PDF or TIFF. We then email the document to your email address.
What is Email to Fax?
Email to Fax is the most popular delivery method for TFax customers due to it's simplicity. You will only need to attach electronic documents (such as PDF, TIFF or MS Word), along with a list of fax numbers to an email. Our dedicated TFax server will handle the delivery from there!
Can I use my existing fax number?
Yes, you can port your existing fax number in order to use our TFax service. It means we 'take over' your existing fax number and your physical landlines will be disconnected. Any incoming faxes will be forwarded directly to our TFax Servers. Please have a look at the Number Portability section for more information.
Do you archive my fax documents?
Yes, we do archive all incoming fax documents. Should you lose an important fax document, it will be archived online in the TNZ Web Portal. We can optionally disable archiving at your request.
What delivery methods are available? (other than Email to Fax)
We offer a range of options for sending faxes. See the options here: How to Send and Receive Faxes.

If you require any other delivery specifics, feel free to contact our friendly sales team and have a chat about your requirements.
I do not want to receive faxes by email. Do you provide any other delivery methods?
We can deliver received faxes to your FTP server, or you can log into our FTP server to receive fax documents. All faxes you receive are also logged by your TNZ Account. Sign In from anywhere to view all received faxes.

TNZ Group is keen to cater to your needs. Should you require any other fax receiving mechanism, feel free to contact us.
I would like to use fixed format (templates) for my faxes. Is this possible?
Yes, you can design a fax template and forward it us. We can then enable templates based on your email addresses/domains. This means that each email address/domain will send faxes using custom templates.
Can you send faxes overseas?
Yes, we can transmit faxes to most fax numbers worldwide. Please contact us for bulk and international fax rates.
Can I set more than one email address to send faxes from?
You can set authorise email addresses via the online Web Portal. If you would like to enable sending from all the addresses in a domain, please contact us to enable a domain account.
Do you have minimum contract periods?
No, we don't. We wouldn't want to get tied to minimum contract periods - so why should you? You can terminate our service at any time, but remember that all remaining and overdue fees and accounts are to be paid on termination.
Do you provide toll-free numbers?
Yes, we can offer 0800 and 0508 numbers in New Zealand, as well as 1-300 and 1-800 numbers in Australia.
See the pricing plans for toll free number rates.

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