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TFax BroadCast Ways to Send

Email to Fax / Web to Fax / Reporting

Sending using your Web Browser

You can log into the Web Portal to load a fax broadcast through the simple Send Fax Wizard.
Upload documents and Contact Lists by following the Wizard's instructions.

No additional hardware or software, no fax servers, no stress.
Web-to-Fax provides full reporting and status notifications of the job, available right from your Web Browser!

See the web portal broadcast guide: Send a Fax Broadcast via the Web Portal

Screenshots of the Send Fax Wizard:


Sending using your Email Client

Attach the fax you want to send (in virtually any format), along with a list of recipients to an email and email to:

The TFax server will convert the attachment to an fax image and deliver it to the recipient.

See the following tutorials for more information.

Reporting on Fax Broadcasts

Once your Fax Broadcast has completed, you will receive a report in two ways:

Via Email
A complete report will be sent to the sender's email address.

See a screenshot here:   
Via the Web Portal
A complete report will be available through the online Web Portal. The Web Portal will also display a "real time" report while the fax is transmitting, updating you on the fax's progress.


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