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TNZ Group can port your existing telephone numbers to our data center which simply means we 'take over' your number and handle the calls for you. The telephone number will be moved from your existing telephone supplier to us.

There is a one time Set Up Fee of $40.00 (plus GST) per number that is ported.

You then pay the standard service costs per month.

At a minimum, a number port will be scheduled for three to four working days. You do have the option to specify a date that suits you but this is not guaranteed.

Yes, we can port numbers from any local area in New Zealand and Australia.

If you have a normal POTS telephone line, the telephone line will be disconnected once the number porting completes (on the day of the port). The physical copper wiring will stay there, but the services on the line will be removed. This means any connected equipment will no longer be able to use the telephone line, so will need to be moved to another telephone line (ie a voice line) or upgraded to an Internet (IP) capable device. This also applies to ADSL or Internet circuits that are using your physical telephone line, as these will need to be moved to an alternative line to avoid being disconnected.

If you have a more advanced BRI or PRI (ISDN) telephone line, in most cases just the required telephone number will be removed from the service and the other numbers and physical lines will stay the same. Check with us for confirmation and details for your specific set up.

If you are looking to port a Faxability number, we need to take a few extra steps to ensure that the Main Number (the number that the Faxability number is connected to) isn't affected by the port.
Usually, this would involve setting up a Customerlink to one of our fax numbers, which means your Faxability number will be disassociated with your Main Number.

Let one of the support team know before requesting the number port.

Once your number completes porting, the physical line will be disconnected and the service will be virtual. Your existing telephone/fax machine will be disconnected (and unnecessary!)

If you have a TNZ Group account, firstly log into the dashboard, then complete the Number Porting Form.


Number Porting

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