Add SMS functions to Frameworks

Send SMS using Frameworks

SMS from Frameworks

Trigger SMS within Frameworks

Speedy SMS delivery to New Zealand & international mobiles
Track SMS replies from Frameworks contacts
Use the built-in Frameworks SMS tool
Reasonable pricing

Low cost, minimal fees

Small monthly fee and per-text cost
Reasonable pricing
Add-On tools and extra functions

Extra goodies

Features include SMS personalisation, Trackable Short Links and SMS Landing Pages.


  1. Register your TNZ account and register your Frameworks SMTPFrom
  2. Contact your TNZ Representative for instructions on configuring the Frameworks App Server Agent
with a free trial* Not ready? Talk to a Sales Consultant
Pay Monthly

/per SMS Part

  • No Set Up Fee
  • $20 per Month
  • 10c/SMS to NZ Mobiles
  • 10c/SMS to AU Mobiles
  • 20c/SMS to International Mobiles
  • Need more?

    Get in touch with your requirements

  • Volume Discounts
  • Account Manager
  • Service Customisation
  • Whitelabelling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Departmentalised Billing
  • * Pricing is in NZD excl GST, charged per SMS Part