Emergency Alert Platform

Efficiently contact groups of people from any device, urgently


In critical times, your concentration should be on the people affected. Too often, effort is wasted on a technical solution that is too complex, doesn't work or is too slow.
Using TNZ's Emergency Management solutions, your headaches are outsourced to TNZ, using TNZ infrastructure.

Utilizing web, email, voice and SMS technologies, you can send alerts to a wide range of people, fast!

Many Emergency and Civil Defence teams are interested in an Emergency Management solution, integrating the VoiceCast and SMS services for use in an emergency scenario.

These technologies include:

  • Group based management, delivery and billing
  • Simple email solution for sending alerts, quickly, while mobile
  • Advanced dashboard solution for sending scheduled alerts, managing sent alerts, users and billing
  • Timely alerts delivered in text form via SMS
  • Timely alerts delivered in voice form via telephone (synthesised speech)

A Hosted Management solution, where Administrators log can log into a Web Dashboard to manage groups and messaging.
The Hosted Management solution can also be accessed externally using TNZ APIs.
No physical hardware or software is required and TNZ will handle the back-end infrastructure (cloud based). Users will have access to the Hosted Management system through a web browser as well as email.

Address Book Features

TNZ offers an efficient and reliable address book features on TNZ web portal to manage your contact lists.

You can manage phone numbers, mobile number, email addresses, name & more. Upload your list using Excel/CSV files or manage your emergency contact lists individually.

Keep your contact lists up to date and send SMS/TXT and Voice broadcastings with a few simple steps to hundreds, even thousands recipients.

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Emergency Text Alerts

Upload your contacts, generate emergency text alerts.

Alerts can be generated by Email, Web or SMS API.

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Emergency Voice Alerts

Upload your contacts, generate emergency voice alerts.

Alerts can be generated by Email, Web or Voice API.

SMS Messaging

TNZ offers an efficient and reliable delivery platform for delivering text messages to One NZ (former Vodafone NZ), Spark and 2Degrees mobile networks, as well as Australia, United Kingdom and other worldwide mobile networks (340 networks in 140 countries).

We pride ourselves on our swift delivery with full Delivery Reports advising whether the text message was sent successfully.
The recipient can also reply to messages, which will be received by our network and delivered to you.

The SMS platform can deliver approximately 3600 SMS messages per minute (can vary depending on the mobile network’s capacity in the chosen area).

VoiceCast Messaging

TNZ offers an advanced voice platform for delivering voice messages to mobile phones as well as landline telephones.

A pre-recorded voice message can be delivered as a voice call to a range of mobiles with ease.
Alternatively, we can take a script or text message, convert this into a voice message using text-to-speech technology and deliver this to the telephone.

Full Delivery Reports are available with support for DTMF tones, so recipients can press keypad buttons on their telephone to acknowledge receipt of the call, etc.
Answerphone detection also allows the system to determine whether the voice answering the call is a human or a voice mail service and can play a tailored message and update reporting as necessary.

The voice platform can deliver approximately 600 simultaneous voice calls (can vary depending on the telephone network’s capacity in the chosen area and the length of the voice message).

Sending Messages

A handful of sending options are available depending on your requirements. These include:

  • Email submission - send an email to create an emergency broadcast
  • Web Dashboard submission - log into the dashboard and load an emergency broadcast to send
  • API submission - use our REST or SOAP APIs to submit messages

Contact us for details.

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Send via Email

Send Emergency Text/Voice Alerts from your email clients or SMTP Servers.

We convert the email into a SMS message.

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Send via Web Portal

Login our web portal, send Emergency Text/Voice Alerts with a few simple steps.

Retrieve delivery reports once its completed.

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Send via API

Interconnect existing applications with SMS/Voice APIs.


Reporting Options

Full reporting is available on all messages sent.
Email Reports are automatically sent to the message sender once the delivery has completed.
Email Reports contain delivery totals (successes versus failures) as well as full logs of each number’s delivery status and reason for failure (if applicable).

Delivery Reports can also be viewed online in Real Time as the messages are being delivered.
There is a “Download CSV” option, so online reports can be saved to a CSV spreadsheet for viewing in a spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel).
Delivery Reports can optionally be delivered directly to your internal network via API.

Hosted Service

Fully outsourced, no reliance on your own infrastructure

On-Net Delivery

Use premium connections within New Zealand and Australia to ensure optimum delivery speeds and success


Report on delivery status (success/failed status) and track responses

Flexible Submission

Alternative methods are available in addition to the above, such as REST, FTP, etc

Simple Maintenance

Web Dashboard makes life easy for administrators

Instant Submission

Send simple alerts nearly instantly using email


Starter Plan


+ Messaging Costs
  • Dashboard
  • APIs
  • Integrations
  • Multiple Message Types
  • NZ Support
  • Volume Discounts