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>>  TNZ Group Connector for MDaemon - Features
TNZ Group Connector Features

Main Features:
  • An add-on plug-in for MDaemon Mail Server.
  • Enables your email users to send faxes and SMS messages from their e-mail client via the MDaemon server.
  • No additional hardware is required to be installed.
  • Easy & quick setup.
  • To install, click the download the TNZ Connector Setup file and execute on your MDaemon Server.
  • Low monthly fee - just $5 minimum monthly fee which includes $5 worth of messaging credits.
  • Real-time logging facility - You can view message status or download messaging logs from our website.

Features for SMS
  • Coverage is more than 75% of the mobile world and 99.7% in Europe, offering more than 340 networks in 140 countries. Additional countries and networks are being continually added.
  • Very fast delivery to handset using quality SS7 SMSC's.
  • Ability to set the Originator/SMS Header of the SMS/TXT.
  • SMS/TXT's are delivered with destination country timestamps (i.e. NZ SMS/TXT's are received showing NZ current time).
  • Support for SMS/TXT merging so that you can send a unique SMS/TXT messages to each recipient from a list file (personalized broadcast).
  • Replies to SMS/TXT can be sent back to the senders e-mail or directly to your mobile phone.

Features for fax
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Ability to set the CSID of the fax, so replies can be sent back directly to you.
  • Fax transmit stamps are in your time zone, so faxes look like they have really come from your company.
  • Easy & quick setup.
  • Status reports are in your time zone.
  • Web portal provides a display of all faxes queued and sent, allowing resubmissions, viewing of faxes and downloading of call details records.
  • Flexible retry profile being the number of fax attempts and the interval between fax attempts.