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Unified Messaging Solutions

TNZ Group focuses on providing customers with the optimal solution to suit their needs.
All of our products, services and solutions have been designed to be as modular and flexible as possible - your imagination, our creation.

As a leading messaging company, TNZ Group regularly works with many different message forms, including: Fax, Email, SMS, Voice and Postal.
The various transports and methods (Fax, Email, SMS, Voice, Postal) all have there pro's and con's - so TNZ Group, as a messaging specialist, perform all the facets of each, ensuring that you can maintain your current methods and easily migrate to new methods as fast possible.

The same is true with voice calls. It is widely accepted that the old PSTN phone is dead and the Internet pipe will become the main feed for all our communication. However the migration process is not as simple, so TNZ Group provides PSTN access, Tolls and VOIP services where your numbers can interchange to allow you an easy migration path.

The following diagram shows examples of any input to achieve any output :