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The Automatic Document Distribution Service

The TNZ Automatic Document Distribution Service is a revolutionary step in enhancing document distribution today.
With so many means of communication today, even sending a monthly invoice to a list of customers can be hard work, not to mention expensive! This is where TNZADDS comes in...

TNZ Automatic Document Distribution Service (TNZADDS) uses a combination of our product set to show the power of our messaging solutions. TNZADDS creates a unique facility for receiving a data feed (CSV, XML file), and from this file creates colour PDF files for emailing, fax files for faxing and colour postscript files for posting. Where there is a fax number, faxes are sent and email addresses are emailed to. If either of these destinations fail to send or are not present in the feed, then those destinations only are feed to a postal house or sent back to your printer for printing. So the one extraction from your data set can create three types of sending targets with fallbacks to a printer. The whole job is then viewable on the Web Portal and you can see which email addresses received and opened the email, which were fax and which were posted. The huge advantage besides the one click to send them all is fax and email sending is where possible will save you $$.

Customer solutions: Statement, Invoice, Remittance Advice and Purchase Order Distribution

Many businesses have significant operating costs associated with financial document distribution. Printing and posting statements, remittance advice and invoices are not only expensive but slow and cumbersome. Upgrading technology to allow delivery via email and fax often shows a slow return on investment given the high cost of such technology and the requirement to migrate recipients to electronic delivery at a pace that suits the recipient.

TNZADD's delivery system dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in distributing your critical financial documents. By taking your existing data output and custom building templates that enable transmission by email, fax, or traditional post,TNZADD's allows you to immediately, and without any infrastructure investment, enjoy the benefits of faster document delivery and reductions of up to 80% in delivery costs.

There are many benefits to using TNZADD's to deliver your vital business documents:

  • Document delivery process takes minutes instead of days, shortening your credit cycle dramatically.
  • FAX, Email, SMS and Post are provided through a single platform simplifying delivery reporting.
  • No capital outlay and reduced delivery costs.
  • Automatic re-routing of failed deliveries to an alternative medium enhances delivery success and subsequent payments.
  • The custom built nature of the TNZ Group service ensures documents are delivered via the preferred medium, with a look that can be tailored to suit requirements.
  • Allows gradual migration from Print to Electronic delivery at a pace that suits the recipient base.
  • The customisation of each document ensures clients receive documents in the format that makes it easiest for them to action, reducing the time it takes for payment to be received.