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SMS/TXT Solutions

This page is tailored towards developers. For our Retail SMS Suite, see  

TNZ Group is a leading mobile messaging provider, offering enterprise quality SMS services to enterprises, internet companies and other mobile services providers.

Discover our robust high performance mobile transaction platform to deliver simple and cost-effective mass SMS communications, bringing quality services to customers world-wide.

TNZ Group provides coverage in more then 150 countries and through 700 network operators and has over 50 international SMS routes in its portfolio. All routes have specific quality, features, coverage and pricing.

SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with several times better response rates than direct-channel marketing. Unlike an e-mail or letter, SMS is likely to be read by a person quickly as the majority of people have their mobile phones with them 24 hours a day. SMS is automatically saved where it can be re-read or used as a voucher. If an offer is good, people will forward the message to their friends and a campaign can grow exponentially. High penetration rate of mobile users has created new opportunity to marketers and brands around the world. They are looking to develop a direct and sustained relationship with customers on their mobile phones.

Banks, insurances, stock brokerages and asset management firms are looking for secure and cost effective communication channel between them and clients. SMS Messaging enables most direct and interactive communication and this is the reason why financial institutions are offering such service to clients worldwide. Not only they can provide core service, but they can also use SMS as marketing and promotional tool.

Public sector can use SMS messaging for:
  • Receiving feedback from the public (ideas, complaints, comments)
  • Sending reminders (payment reminders, parking reminders, medical reminders, appointments)
  • Research (encouraging participative democracy)
  • Opinion polls
  • School updates (parents have automated updates from school their child is attending)
  • Members informing (Political party and Club members informing about activities)

TXT Sending: (TSMSOut) main feature summary
  • email-2-txt
  • web-2-txt
  • http-2-txt (http posting)
  • alphanumeric headers
  • time zone aware (sends with the correct time)
  • mail merging TXT's for personalization
  • worldwide coverage
  • stop / opt out management
  • message status (view, abort, resubmit, sending history) using the web portal

TXT Receiving: (TSMSIn) main feature summary
  • long code receiving to web, e-mail or HTTP Post
  • short campaign TXTing
  • Scratch code & win
  • txt address for information
  • certified randomizer for choosing TXT winners
  • remote TXT services
  • Remote Call (single number / multi number)
  • Alarm (txt for alarm appointments)
  • view all received messages using the web portal & download CSV CDR files
  • stop / opt out management