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Fax Solutions

This page is tailored towards developers. For our Retail Fax Suite, see  

TNZ Group has been developing fax solutions for over 20 years!
We look forward to any new challenges out customers can bring.

Here is the stuff we've already developed (there's quite a bit):

Fax receiving:

  • Toll Free fax numbers for New Zealand (0800) and Australia (1300 and 1800).

  • Geographical Numbers:
    • ALL Australian regions
    • MOST New Zealand regions

  • Number Portability Support  (New Zealand & Australia specific):
      Let us take over your existing fax lines directly - we charge NO line rentals and supply extremely low cost messaging.

  • Blacklisting & Anti-Spam Initiatives:
      As we have been providing an Anti Spam services for quite some time, we have an extremely comprehensive list of common fax spammers and institutions.
    Let us know if you think a message is SPAM and we'll block it for all our users!
    Or you can blacklist / block a number for your personal fax number...

  • Received faxes are:
    • e-mailed as PDF or TIFF files
    • e-mail displays customers local time zone and senders CSID information
    • PDF files can be password protected
    • IP'd (Inetfiletransfer) to the customers local servers for printing
    • Placed on the Web portal for remote viewing, printing and logging
    • OCR option for creating TXT to EDI input
    • Converted to G3 low/high res or G4 low/high, split into single pages to be manipulated to fit into your workflow systems.

Fax Sending:

  • Message Delivery:

    • Email 2 Fax:
        There are currently four main methods of submitting fax jobs via email:

    • Support for 200+ document types. Includes all of MS Office & Open Office products

    • Set the CSID (caller sender identification - senders own fax number is displayed, not our fax bureau's)

    • Supports custom fax transmit stamps.
      These stamps have the date & time set in the sender / receivers local time zone.

    • Automatic retry is a fax failed or was unavailable / busy.

    • Control the number of retries and  time between each retry.

    • Document manipulation - image overlays, signature insertion, cover page insertion etc. with full fax/mail merge support.
      Personalise your fax documents with custom substitution fields (e.g. Attention, Company, First & Last Name etc.)
      See Faxing Help Guides - Email to Fax Broadcast with Substitution (Mail Merge)!

    • Use of the Web Portal to view, send and receive faxes, as well as receiving full logs on the fax jobs.

    • Have the status logs emailed to you upon completion of the job. Alternatively, have this automatically HTTP posted to your existing system.

    • Possible Uses and Customer Solutions:
      • Faxing remittance advices
      • Faxing purchase orders
      • Faxing invoices
      • Faxing statements
      • Faxing Newsletters
      • Faxing Product Announcements