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>>  VoiceCast / TTS Service - Automated Phone Calls using recorded file or TTS (Text-To-Speech) Technology

VoiceCast   Voice Broadcasting

Lead Generation, Alerting and People Management in one simple tool

Automated telephone calls. Sounds complex and expensive? It isn't!

VoiceCast is a quick and informative voice broadcasting system, designed to be simple and scalable with a huge capacity for simultaneous calls and features galore!

VoiceCast is available in a number of flavours, from an automated text-to-speech solution for swift delivery of messages packed with customized information, to a human-recorded voice option for a personal touch.

This is what the VoiceCast Service can do for you...
  • Tell customers about new products
  • Tell customers know they have outstanding invoices
  • Remind clients of upcoming appointments and consultations
  • Remind colleagues, customers and suppliers about up-and-coming seminars, webinars or other key business events
  • Remind customers of overdue accounts or a payment being due, including dollar values and times/dates since overdue
  • Notify large numbers of people about an event
  • Notify customers of service downtime or overseas holidays
  • Notify of a system outage with full details on what is out and times/dates since outage
  • Sending a voice message for VPN access codes, security tokens or password changes
  • Marketing broadcasts (similar to telemarketing)
  • Lead Generation - "press 1 for more information" or "press 2 for connection to sales staff" for access to hot leads

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