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TFone VoIP Number Pricing

Setup Fees

New TFone VoIP Number: FREE
New TFone Numbers are free of charge to set up. TNZ Group will issue a new landline or toll free TFone VoIP Number which can be used with any TFone product or service.
Port your existing number: $40.00
A one-off charge for customers wishing to move their existing number to TNZ Group's VoIP network.

Monthly Fees

TFone VoIP Number (bare line): $15.00/month
A TFone VoIP Number without any addons or frills. The perfect starting point for any VoIP/SIP installation. Add additional functions to create a service built just for you. You will receive a number with a single line. Additional TFone Lines can be purchased.
Additional TFone VoIP Line: +$10.00/month
This is the "MultiLine" component of a TFone VoIP Number. Each additional line will allow an extra simultaneous (concurrent) call over a single number at one time. Customers can have an unlimited number of Additional Lines, provided their internet connection can handle the call volume. We recommend a maximum of 5 additional lines per number on a standard ADSL connection (total of 6 simultaneous calls).

Bundled Options

TFaxIn Bundled Option +$25.00/month
A special Fax-In option for TFone customers only, running over the TFax Network (PSTN - not VoIP). The Plan includes 500 free fax pages received per month, with each additional fax page costing 20c and will deliver faxes directly into your email inbox. You will be allocated a completely separate fax number. See more information here..
TFaxOut Bundled Option $0.15 per Page
TNZ Group is providing the TFaxOut Service to all TFone customers upon request. No monthly fees, just pay per fax sent!
TSMSOut Bundled Option $0.20 per SMS
TNZ Group is providing the TSMSOut Service to all TFone customers upon request. No monthly fees, just pay per SMS sent!

Call/Toll Rates

3c Local 8c NZ National 25c NZ Mobile 8c USA
8c Australia 28c Australia Mobile 8c United Kingdom 8c Denmark
8c Canada 8c China 8c Germany 8c Hong Kong
8c Japan 8c Switzerland 8c Singapore 8c Netherlands
Please contact us for other destinations.

The above pricing is quoted in New Zealand Dollars exclusive of GST/TAX.

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