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TFone VoIP Number Features

These features are standard with any TFone VoIP Number. For additional features, see TFone Addons.
For a complete solution, we recommend pairing your TFone VoIP Number with our TFone Manager.

Voice Calls over the Internet   VOIP Service

Why pay $50+/month/per line for your physical landlines?
If you have enough internet bandwidth to carry voice calls over the Internet and you need the features offered by TFone, this is the Service for you.
We have configured the TFone Manager to operate seamlessly with a wide range of broadband connections and can almost guarantee acceptable call quality, even over the smallest ADSL connections.

Multiple Lines on a single TFone VoIP Number   SIP Trunk Service

All new TFone VoIP Numbers are provided with one concurrent call; additional lines can be added depending on your requirements. This means that multiple calls can be made and received over a single number. You can add an unlimited number of additional lines but remember that your call quality may vary depending on your internet bandwidth capacity.

No more Physical Boundaries   Internet Telephony

All TFone VoIP Numbers can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection (quality may be lower than expected and SIP may be blocked over some connections).
Simply enter your TFone VoIP Number details into your travelling laptop, mobile phone or IP Phone and continue making and receiving calls as per normal!
If connecting using a TFone Manager or other IP PBX, do not use your TFone VoIP Number settings. Please see the TFone Manager section for external DNS set up instructions.

Build and Maintain your own In-House PBX system   Open Networking

TFone does not restrict customers from building their own in-house PBX systems. These can use open source IP PBX software such as Asterisk, among other solutions. This enables customers to maintain their own advanced in-house PBX features such as conference calling, call parking, voicemail and IVR menus.
Otherwise, use our pre-configured TFone Manager IP PBX and plug 'n' play for all these features and more!

Real-time call logs   Fully Auditable

View real-time call logs using your Web Browser! Simply login to our website and search for call logs. Your will see information such as the callers number, time and date of the call and duration of the call. You can even download these logs for your own reports!

Simple Installation

When signing up for a TFone VoIP Number, you will receive:
  • 1x TFone VoIP Number with one call capacity (optionally add Additional Lines)
  • 1x Username and Password for Web Portal access to Call Logs and Accounting information
  • 1x Username and Password to register with your Softphone software, IP Phone, TFone ATA, TFone Manager or existing IP PBX

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