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>>  TFone Manager - The best IP PBX solution for TFone VoIP Numbers

TFone Manager IP PBX

TFone's pre-configured, plug 'n' play PBX!

The TFone Manager is TNZ Group's custom-built PaBX. It was designed to operate efficiently with the TFone Service and is tailored towards business users requiring full management and support without the large price tag.

The network overhead on registrations for each user will multiply as the network expands, so it is advised that businesses have a dedicated PBX in-house to save on outside-of-network traffic.

All TFone Manager systems are supplied with a web-based administration tool that makes phone system management easy!

The TFone Manager comes in two designs:

TFone Manager Standard:    For multiple users and extensions

This edition of the TFone Manger is small in form-factor and runs out-of-the-box. It is designed for small to medium sized businesses that require more control and flexibility, without a huge impact on Internet bandwidth speeds. It runs custom-built web applications designed to give administrators a simple interface to manage an enterprise level PBX system. All options are pre-configured out of the box and all TFone Managers are run through our quality-control centre to ensure full-operation on day one.

$50.00 month on 12-month contract, $75.00 month open term

TFone Manager Pro:   For over 25 users or extensions

The TFone Manager Pro is the mother of the TFone Manager series. It is built in a full rack mount form-factor with all the extra grunt and processing power to deliver exceptional reliability and call quality to large corporations. It features a beefed-up version of the TFone Manager Standard operating system designed to be easily administered and we estimate it can handle in excess of 1000 users and up to 200 simultaneous calls.

$500.00 month on 12-month contract

For customers who do not wish to use a dedicated PBX, a TFone Number can be connected directly to a softphone, IP Phone or ATA.

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