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TFone Link

A Call Redirection / Call Forwarding Service...

TFone Link is a simple way to redirect / forward your telephone number to another number.

Call forwarding allows you to keep your older telephone numbers and have them redirect / forward to any other telephone number of your choice.

No telephone line or telephone equipment is required. We handle the call redirection / call forwarding to your alternative telephone number.

TFone Link can be a great way to store a telephone number long term for a low cost. If you move premises, you may be required to take on a new telephone number. TFone Link allows you to retain the number and have it forward calls to your new telephone number, just like a Customerlink!

TFone Link is a Virtual Number service.

Calls can be redirected / forwarded to:
  • A Landline
  • A Mobile Phone
  • An International Telephone Number
  • A Voicemail Message (which will be emailed to you)

TFone Link Pricing

Initial Costs $0.00 Includes porting the number across to our service and configuring the number on a 12 month term. A $40.00 early termination charge applies.
Monthly Costs $10.00 Includes number hosting, the virtual service and reporting facilities.

Toll Pricing
Forward calls from your telephone number to a: Cost per minute:
New Zealand Landline 5c per minute
New Zealand Mobile 15c per minute
Australian Landline 8c per minute
Australian Mobile 25c per minute
Voice Message Box 0c per voicemail received
Other destinations available on request

Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars exclusive of GST.