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SMS Sending Ways to Send

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Sending SMS via Email   (Email2SMS)
Email to SMS is a simple way of sending text messages via the internet.
Once you have an account with us, we can set up your individual email addresses for use with the service.
Three Easy Steps to send SMS Messages:
Step One:
Open your Email Client

Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Xtra, Apple Mail, iOS, Android, Blackberry and more
Step Two:
"To" needs to contain the mobile number you are sending to
Step Three:
Type the message you want to send into the body of the email

Click Send!
Final Result:
Download a full Help Guide:

For an enhanced Email to SMS service, Two Way Messaging offers additional features.

Sending SMS via our Website   (Web to SMS)
You can log into the Web Portal to load a fax broadcast through the simple Send SMS Wizard.
Upload documents and Contact Lists by following the Wizard's instructions.
You have access to full reporting and status notifications of the message, available from your Web Browser!
See screenshots of the Send SMS Wizard here:

Sending SMS via an Integrated API   (HTTP Post, GET and SOAP)
An API can be used to transmit SMS messages. Options are HTTP POST, HTTP GET and SOAP.
These options can be used for SMS Submission, receiving information on Delivery Status (reports) and receiving responses to messages (replies).
Download a full Help Guide:

Sending SMS via an JSON/XML Rest API
REST API can be used to transmit SMS messages. Options are JSON and XML Raw POST.

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