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TFax SecureFax

A simple solution to Fax Security - SecureFax!

Traditional fax machines have a major flaw...
Faxes are sitting on the fax machine's paper tray, an easy target for prying eyes, whether its an important contract, financial reports, health records or any other secure information.
Typically, faxes are not tracked, archived or reported on.

TFax can solve this problem!
Faxes are emailed to you for archiving, tracking and securing using simple methods such as SSL/TLS Email Transmission and other electronic safeguards, bringing fax under the scope of your organisation's email policies.
While this does assist with security, your organisation may still require additional security.

SecureFax is a highly secure solution of receiving faxes via the internet.
SecureFax was built from the ground up to match specifications and requirements of the PCI-DSS rules.
While we had a PCI-DSS in mind, this doesn't stop SecureFax providing a solid solution for the requirements of many other applications, from Lawyers to Doctors, to Banks and Accountants.

SecureFax achieves this by utilizing two features:

No-Archive No Archive is a secure deletion tool.

Our standard Fax Number service will store the fax you receive on our servers for your simple retrieval. No Archive is designed to automatically delete your fax image from our servers the instant it is received by your email server. Once the "no archiving" has been put in place, we will not archive any actual fax content sent or received from your account using our services.

We will retain "call detail records", which are simply Caller IDs (sender and receiver), date/time received, number of seconds for transmission, number of pages, etc. We won't retain the actual fax content.

No-Archive can be enabled for both receiving of inbound faxes, as well as the sending of outbound faxes.
PGP Encryption Your faxes can be encrypted on-the-fly the moment they are received by our fax servers using your supplied Public PGP Key.

The unencrypted fax image is not stored on our servers at any stage. The PGP-Encrypted fax will then be emailed to you. You will then need to decrypt the fax image using your Private PGP Key. You can change your PGP Key at any time and supply us with the new Public Key. Find out more on PGP Encryption here:

PGP Encryption can be enabled for receiving of inbound faxes only.

SecureFax is an optional add-on on to the standard faxing plans and users can opt for just "No Archive" or "PGP Encryption", or both!


$50 per month, per fax line SecureFax is enabled on.

This price is additional to the standard Fax Receiving costs (Number Rentals and Per Page Received costs).
Find more information about these costs at TFaxIn Pricing.
Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars exclusive of taxes.