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TFax Number How to Send and Receive Faxes

TFax Number is an internet fax service....

To receive a fax...

Via the Web
  1. Log into the Web Portal (see left hand panel).
  2. Once logged in, under the "View Messages" menu, click "Faxes Received".
  3. Click "View Message" - This will show a list of all faxes received in a particular time frame. You can also view and save the fax image.
Via Email
Faxes can optionally be emailed as a PDF or TIF file to up to 3 different email addresses.

To send a fax...

Via the Web
  1. Log into your TNZ Online Account
  2. Click New Message then Send Fax
  3. Follow the Steps (Upload your fax document, then upload your contact list)
  4. Click Send!
Via Email
You can register an unlimited number of individual email addresses, or you can enable a "domain account" (all addresses are authorised to send faxes).
  1. Create a new email
  2. Insert into the "To:" section of the Email.
  3. Insert a reference into the Subject of the Email. E.g. "My Fax to CustomerXYZ"
  4. Attach your fax document to the email. You can attach multiple fax documents (fax pages will be sent in the order the files were attached).
  5. Click Send!

Download our Faxing Help Guides here:
Via Another Method
To find out about other methods of sending faxes, see Faxing for Software Developers.
Here, we offer APIs such as HTTP/HTTPS POST/GET, SOAP and/or JSON/XML Rest APIs and specialised software applications for PCs.

Click HERE for our latest JSON/XML Rest API Documentations.
Send a Broadcast
To send a fax broadcast, see Fax Broadcasting. Here, you can send a simple fax attack or a complex mail merge.

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