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TFax BroadCast Features

Access to a Large Amount of Fax Lines
Our fax servers host hundreds of lines - your fax broadcast will begin sending instantly. You will have access to a large number of lines for the price of one!
No hardware required
You can send faxes electronically via the Internet (email, web, etc).

You don't need a physical fax line, phone line or even a physical location! All actual faxing is handled by our server farm.
Simple Web Interface for Loading Fax Jobs
You can log into our simple Web Portal and send faxes.
Upload a fax document (PDF, Word Doc, etc), import a spreadsheet of fax numbers (Excel File or CSV) and click send!
Extra tools are available, such as delayed sending for a later date or time.
Mail Merging Capabilities for Personalised Broadcasts
Insert commands into your fax document and the system will insert personalised names, addresses and more!
For more information, see the Substitution Guide here: Send a Personalised Fax Broadcast (Fax Mail Merge)
Full Archiving and Storage
All faxes that are sent are logged for up to 3 years. You can retrieve the fax image from the Web Portal at any time (up to 3 months - TNZ Group staff intervention required if older then 3 months), which includes the time sent, the other party's fax number and any other relevant information.
Sophisticated Reporting
Faxes you send will have real time logs and reports available. These reports include the result of the fax (success or failure), the reason for a failure, the number of times the fax was tried, the time and date a fax was sent/received, etc.
Fax Transmission Reports are logged in the Web Portal for viewing in real-time and can optionally be emailed to the sender.
See Fax Broadcast Reporting for more information.
The TFax email servers support SSL/TLS.
The Web Portal supports HTTPS.
For full encryption options, see SecureFax.
Free Customer Support
Our Customer Services team is located in Auckland, New Zealand and offers free support via both email and telephone.
Send Faxes in an electronic format
TFax can handle many different file types and formats.
A few of these file types include Microsoft Office® documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, etc), Openoffice/Libreoffice documents (odt, ods, etc), Adobe® documents (pdf, etc), image file types (jpg, gif, tif, bmp, etc) and more (txt, html, etc).
When you send a fax, the fax server receives your fax document, converts it into a native fax file and begins sending. Faxes can be sent to any fax number worldwide (international faxing).

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